By Elizabeth Riggs

The Ellicottville Central School Board unanimously voted to appoint Bob Miller to the position of Superintendent last Tuesday, replacing Mark Ward, who’s last day will be Friday, June 30, and who will be retiring after more than 40 years in education.

Miller’s appointment is effective July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020.

Additionally, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Erich Ploetz to the position of Middle School/High School Principal last Tuesday, replacing Miller.

Ploetz is the current Junior Senior High School Principal at North Collins and a former Assistant High School Principal at Williamsville High School. Ploetz is an Ellicottville native. He will receive a probationary term of four years, to begin on July 31, 2017, and receive a salary of $105,016.

In other business, the board approved several advisors for the 2017-2018 school year. New appointments are as follows:

6-8 Musical: Director (stage), Crystal Wilder; Assistant Director (Production), Gwen Bush; Assistant Director (Vocal), Pat Waldron; Assistant Director (Choreographer), Elizabeth Weber
Music Association: Crystal Wilder, Kathy Weller, Pat Waldron;
10th Grade: Cathie Nason, Aimee Kilby
11th Grade: Dave McCann, Matt Finn
12th Grade: Crystal Wilder, Pat Waldron
Student Council:
6th Grade: Shannon Palmatier, Lynette Sexton, Chelsea Cole
7th Grade: Elizabeth Weber, Vicky Williams
8th Grade: Jackie James, Deb McGowan
9th Grade: Melissa Reedy, Matt Finn
Audio-Visual Dir/ETV: Chris Edwards
Computer Coordinator: Shawne Hunt
Computer Lab Monitor: Pam Illig
Detention Monitors: June Chapman, Marie Davis
Drama Club Advisors:
Director (Stage): John Wilder
Assistant Director (Production): Crystal Wilder
Assistant Director (Vocal): Pat Waldron
Assistant Director (Choreographer): Elizabeth Weber
Assistant Director (Accompanist): Jamie Edwards
Ecology Club & Envirothon: Glenn Hall
Yearbook: Carrie Bauer, Chris Edwards
ESPRA: Holly Richardson
Fitness Room Supervisors: Chad Bartoszek, Tammy Eddy, Tracie Myers, Mary Neilon, Chelsea Cole
French Club: Dolores Whistler
Homework Club Substitutes: Kristen Pearl, Tracie Myers
Homework Club/Academic Tutors: Bill Delity, Marie Davis, Holly Richardson, Chelsea Cole, Heather Reed, Gay Fitzpatrick, April Donoghue
Jazz Chorus Director: Pat Waldron
National Honor Society: Blair Wood
Peer Tutor Coordinator: Carolyn Bauer
Robotics: Chris Edwards, Blair Wood
Scholastic Challenge: Ann Chamberlain
Ski Club: Glenn Hall
Spanish Club: Jamie Edwards
Stage or Jazz Band: Crystal Wilder
Substitute Computer Lab Monitor: Kristen Brady, Heather Reed
Substitute Detention Monitor: Marie Davis, Kristen Brady
Trap Team: Vince Oliverio
Varsity Club: Chad Bartoszek
Video Photographer: Chris Edwards
Web Master: Chris Edwards
One Act Plays
Director: John Wilder
Assistant Director: Crystal Wilder
Advisors for 6-12 Grade Student Council, Common Core Specialists, OM Advisors and OM Coordinator are yet to be determined.

Lastly, the Board also voted to revoke and rescind the appointment of Rebecca Nannen to the position of K-12 Librarian based on lack of time to devote to the position.

“The percentage of time – that’s all it has to do with,” said Principal Miller. “It had nothing to do with performance or efforts or abilities.”

The next Board of Education Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 11 at 8 p.m. in the high school library.