By Caitlin Croft

At the last regular Ellicottville Village Planning Board meeting, there was a pre-application meeting for a project at 45 Elizabeth St. on a single family residence.

The owner intends to demolish the current accessory barn, as it is dilapidated and beyond repair. In its place, the owner would rebuild a functioning garage.

They also plan on demolishing part of the principal home building and intend on replacing it and adding a carport off the structure.

There are two concerns that have come to light with this project. They center around the demolition code and the Floor to Area Ratio (FAR).

First, on FAR, it was questioned if the garage or accessory structures be used in computing FAR.

The purpose of FAR is to not allow “mega” houses to be built on the smaller village lots and keep the aesthetic and character of the village intact. The FAR cannot be met with the current drawings and is only exceeded by 17 square feet.

The planning board feels that this is easily remedied by adjusting the plans as it is such a small amount of space.

As far as demolition is concerned, it was deemed that demolition standards will only be applied to the principal building.

The last issue that came up is regarding combined side yard setbacks and side yard setbacks. With the carport, these setback requirements cannot be met.

If the plans are not adjusted to meet requirements then the applicant will need to apply for an Area Variance. After advising the applicant of the concerns, the owner will present an application at the March meeting.

In other business, there was discussion regarding the local law that was adopted by the Village Board regarding short term rentals. The law needs to be incorporated into the Village Code and processes and procedures of enforcement and policy need to be reviewed by the Planning Board.

Issues such as parking, trash removal, signage and noise were discussed briefly. Greg Cappelli, village trustee, was present and asked that the Board reviews it and gives their input and edits to then present back to the Village Board for ratification.

Chairperson, Nancy Rogan, applauded the Short Term Rental Committee for the document presented and thanked them for their hard work.