By Ginna Hensel

At the Ellicottville Village Planning Board last regular scheduled meeting Sept. 10, there were three public hearings held with 12 members of the public in attendance.

Among the attendees were two young, booming entrepreneurs there to answer any questions regarding their application for an ax-throwing lounge in Ellicottville on 14 Washington St.

The board granted a special use permit to establish an indoor entertainment use. It will consist of a hatchet-throwing lounge with a bar and food service.

Representatives of the Ratchet Hatchet expressed that they plan to mainly focus on ax throwing. There will be several “lane marshalls” to monitor the throwing in one to two lanes to keep their customers safe. The targets will be mounted on an inside wall to help reduce noise and vibrations.

Ratchet Hatchet plans to be open Thursday through Sunday, with the exact times to be determined. The representatives of the Ratchet Hatchet made it clear that the ax-throwing lounge is not a late-night partying scene. They are focused on the safety of their clients.  

The next public hearing regarded a going issue at 8-10 Mechanic St. In 2016, the Village Planning Board passed a resolution which requires the owner of the property to stain all of the wood on his house a “solid color and add a white trim to it so it would look like the rest of the neighborhood.” The owner has failed to complete this task since, which led to a heated discussion between the board and the public.

The homeowner now wants to add a porch addition. The board was concerned about allowing an addition when the previous obligations had not been met. The board approved a motion to require the owner to stain all the wood on his house a solid or opaque color. The board stated that “you didn’t comply with 2016, so it will be difficult to offer an opportunity for you to [not] comply again.”  The staining must be done first before the porch addition is built.

The last public hearing was related to the addition of a food service permit to one of the businesses in Ellicottville. The board approved to change Adventure Bound’s permit to include food and beverage. Adventure Bound will now also be home of the Ellicottville Coffee Company.  

In addition, the board participated in a heated discussion over an architectural design review on 45 Elizabeth St. At a previous meeting, the board approved blueprints for an addition to the current house. After the blueprints were approved, the architect reportedly gave the wrong blueprint to the builder. This means that the current addition made to the house was not approved by the planning board.

The board had a hard time grasping that the wrong blueprint was passed along. The chairwoman commented that the board had never seen such a mistake before. The board approved an additional architect review, but a stop order is still in place for construction. If any other changes are made the board asked to be notified immediately.  

The last piece of business on the agenda was to address a lot split on 41 Mechanic St. The property in question is currently located in two different zones between an existing house and farm. There will be no public hearing held on this point of business because it is a minor subdivision. The board approved the minor subdivision.

The next regularly scheduled Ellicottville Village Planning Board will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 8.