By Ginna Hensel

On Monday, Oct. 21, Mayor John Burrell began the regularly scheduled meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board with a special presentation. Burrell presented a NYCOM Certificate of Public Service to the Honorable John T. Rogan. The Board thanked Rogan for his 40 years of public service to Ellicottville.  

The meeting continued as scheduled, which included a grievance during public comment. The grievance was made from the neighbor to 26 Jefferson St. over a depleting fence. The argument made was the neighbor felt the board was responsible for checking up on the maintenance of the fence.

The member of the public argued that it was not her duty to approach her neighbor about the fence, but rather the board’s responsibility. Burell commented the only way the Board can do anything is if there is a violation in the law, but the board will consider sending a letter.  

In the Mayor’s Report, Burrell touched on the roundtable discussion he attended in West Seneca with State Sen. Jim Gaughran. Gaughran is the chair of the local government committee in Albany. Burrell feels if Gaughran is elected senator, Ellicottville will have someone they can rely on.

Burell also mentioned that Geroge Borrello, who is running to replace Cathy Young’s seat, attended Fall Fest in town. Lastly, Burrell is encouraging ongoing discussions between the board and the village/town of Ellicottville on the WNY Southtowns Scenic By-Way interpretive signs. 

Engineer Niles Pierson informed the board a request was sent from a set of residents asking their water and sewer bill be adjusted due to faulty pipes. The water in question went through a set of faulty pipes in the resident’s house causing an increased water and sewer bill. Legally, the board is not able to relieve the residents of the bill and plans to assume no action.

Pierson also updated the board on the Mill Street sidewalk, reporting the county plans to begin repairs this week.

Special Events correspondent Spencer Murray updated the board on the Lacross Festival and Fall Festival. Murray reported there were no issues with the Lacross Festival and a follow-up meeting has been scheduled with locals, business, and others to discuss the 2019 Fall Festival.  Murray plans to update the Board after the meeting.

IN OTHER BUSINESS, the board continued the ongoing discussion of the garbage/refuse law review and update. The village is searching for a way to enforce their preexisting policies/rules and how to enforce new policies they hope to make. The board plans to discuss their current contract with Castella Waste because the village feels the current contract is not being utilized to its potential via members in the village.

The board also discussed adding a yard waste law with the garbage law. The Board plans to continue with this discussion along with a possible DPW dumpster, mandated containers with lids and how to successfully ticket those who do not follow the garbage/refuse law.