By Ginna Hensel

The Ellicottville Village Board held its last regularly scheduled meeting before the new year on Dec. 16. Mayor John Burrell began the meeting with good news stating the village remained above the funding line for the WILA Grant. The WILA Grant amounts to $3 million for water.  

Then, the board opened the public hearing for the new sewer law and sewer rates. No members of the public where in attendance and the board passed a resolution for the new sewer local law and new sewer rates.

Next, the board went onto approve the regular meeting minutes from the Nov. 18 meeting. Upon approval, board member Greg Cappelli requested the wording of the water truck discussion to be amended. Cappelli wanted the wording to clarify the water truck had been an ongoing discussion instead of just a one-time discussion at the last meeting. The board agreed to the changes and then approved the meeting minutes.  

During his report, Mayor John Burrell informed the board of the success of Small Business Saturday with Senator Borrello. “We went to eight different stores on the main storefronts,” he said. Burrell also stated Borrello purchased a couple of items from the local stores as part of the initiative to shop local.

“I believe in this initiative,” the mayor said. “Borrello went to local stores all the way from Rochester to Gowanda and shopped local!”

Board member Patra Lowes addressed the board regarding standing water between Mechanic and Elizabeth streets. Her concern was “with dropping temperatures, it can become icy and dangerous to have standing water in the street.”

“With the new sewer truck we will be able to better address situations like that,” Engineer Niles Pierson said. “We now have the ability to see down into the drainage and address problematic pipelines better.”

Pierson also said the old sewer truck had been sold with Burrell, commenting, “it brought in $1,051 extra into our budget we were not anticipating.” 

The board also discussed the issue of garbage and refuse regarding the new restaurant in town, West Rose. Burrell stated West Rose has been informed of current refuse protocols, but still wants to look at amending refuse laws in the future. Refuse correspondent Lowes agreed, saying the refuse laws still needed some adjustment.  

After, all board members agreed to order a proposed village parking ticket. Currently, the village does not hand out village parking violation tickets and instead hands out town parking violation tickets.

The issue at hand is the violation for the village is $50 while the violation for the town is $25.  Therefore, anyone who receives a parking violation in the village or the town receives only a $25 ticket. With the new tickets, those who receive a violation in the village will now be obligated to pay the $50 fee. Those who receive a parking violation in the village will still be required to go to town court. However, the fees paid will go to the village.

Under old business, the board passed several resolutions including the resolution to sign Sewer IMA with Town, resolution to sign Water IMA with Town, resolution to sign IMA with Great Valley and the resolution to sing IMA with Mansfield.  

Burrell commented on the November 2019 NYS Department of Public Service who released information regarding how individuals can help other community members regarding utilities during the winter, especially heat.

Then came a vote for adjournment as the board wished everyone a safe and happy holidays.