By Ginna Hensel 

The Town of Ellicottville Planning Board held its regularly scheduled meeting Sept. 23.

The board began the meeting by passing a motion to recommend Tim Zerfas to the Town Planning Board, given there are not any conflicts with his father also on the Board.  

The board also discussed the upcoming Southern Tier West Fall Planning and Zoning Meeting. There are a few members of the board who plan to attend the upcoming meeting in October.  

The meeting concluded with the board continuing discussion of the Zoning Amendment for Solar Regulations. The board reviewed the first draft of the Zoning Amendment. Several changes were made to the draft, including adding definitions, clarifying the tier levels and adding regulations.

According to the board, the tiers now stand as the following: tier one is a small scale solar energy with energy used for onsite consumption; tier two is a house or a business; and tier three is utilities, farms and anything else not covered under tier one or two.

The board also discussed setting the maximum height of solar panels to 36 feet. A new requirement was added to require all solar panels to have an anti-glare coating.

In addition, all panels on houses will have to be placed on the side or back of the structure to shield them from the public eye.

The first draft of the Zoning Amendment for Solar Regulations will resume discussions between the Town of Ellicottville Board and the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board is scheduled for Oct. 28.