Broadband, Shared Services Discussed Meeting

By Caitlin Croft

The Town of Ellicottville Board Meeting opened with the approval of last month’s minutes and Privilege of the Floor. Vice Chair of the Town Planning Board John Zerfas asked if he could use his capabilities being on the planning board to investigate the progress of Southern Tier West bringing broadband to our area. “I have come to notice that, Phase No. 2 of this project will not serve the entirety of our district.” The Town Board has agreed to allow Zerfas to investigate the matter further.

The Board has voted to pay all town bills from the Distribution Report #05-17 and they have accepted the May 2017 Financial Report.

The Joint Town/Village Public Works position job description has been completed, along with an Organizational Chart. It still needs to be discussed with Jeff Smith and Steve Mountai; Town Engineer Mark Alianello suggested a teleconference for next week.

The water agreement with the Village has been extended to Dec. 31, 2017. Phase One of the Asset Inventory has begun. With Harold Morton retiring in August, there is added pressure to get all his processes and procedures on to paper. “Mort will truly be missed with all he has done over these years,” Alianello stated.

The new evidence room project will be underway and the drainage issue has been solved but still needs to address power and heat. Matthew McAndrew, Town Supervisor, suggests it could be done concurrently with the fan installation. This way, both projects would be done in one shot and the town will not have to pay to have a crew come out a second time.

McAndrew attended the Cattaraugus County Shared Services Meeting, in which it has been discussed to merge the services of several municipalities. Such services looking to be combined would be demolition services, engineering, courts, highway equipment and procurement and appraising services.

Don Auge, Head of the Town Police Department, advised that nine of his officers spent time taking the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Rifle Course. “I am very happy with my officers, there was marked improvement from the beginning of the training to the last day.” Auge also advised that the incident that occurred on Memorial Day, when an officer did not show up for duty, had been addressed and a situation such as that will not occur again.

Tom Scharf, Head of the Highway Department, has been given permission to acquire a new 10-wheeler plow truck. The Canada Hill Culvert bid has been awarded to JD Northrup Construction. Seeing as the pipe has already been purchased and Northrup will provide all man power necessary (i.e. traffic control), all the town is responsible for is getting the pipe to the location.

Alianello has advised the HVAC project is complete and there are only two small issues. The mayor’s office control does not seem to be working and there is a smell of burnt toast at times. These two matters are being looked into. Alianello advised that the controls could be set up to be accessed remotely, but only one person will have access to that. It was decided that Town Clerk Robyn George be the one responsible and she will receive training from Derek Rule at MDA. There will be a paint touch up in the Meeting Room as the Town Supervisor is hesitant to completely repaint before the new windows are installed.

A Public Hearing has been set regarding a Tax Cap Override – This gives the town the option to go over because the budget is unknown. This Public Hearing will be July 19 at 6 p.m.

The Park Program wages have been set for minimum wage and the assistant will make $11.38 per hour.

The Ellicotville Great Valley Trail hosted a fundraiser where they raised about $2,600. Currently they are waiting on paperwork to be sent to all landowners which the trail will cross, as there has already been verbal consent from all owners for some time.

The Town has been awarded a $50,000 grant from NYSERDA and the paperwork needed to receive it is due September 2017.

D.E.C. is working on the Wildlife impact that has been afflicting Poverty Hill Road of late.

The Alley Katz sent the Town Board a thank you note for their donation.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be held at the Town Hall at 6 p.m. on July 19.