By Jann Wiswall

Tops on the agenda of the Town of Ellicottville’s board meeting on March 20, 2013, was a progress report on activities related to the Cooperative Extension Service Building that was acquired by the town in January.

Town Supervisor John Burrell, who was authorized to advertise for a part-time facilities manager position for the building, reported that he had received several inquiries about the position. After discussion, it was decided that Burrell and board member Ken Hinman would begin the interview process after receiving resumes and/or completed job applications.

Burrell reported that after getting three estimates for nine air conditioning units and a refrigerator for the building, the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) agreed to reimburse the town for 75 percent of the low bid. Burrell also said that, through a program with National Grid, the town will be able to purchase new energy-efficient lighting for the building at a significant discount and will be able to pay off the cost in as little as 26 months through reductions in energy bills. The board approved both measures.

Department Head Reports

Town Police Chief Don Auge reported that Village Constable Howard Gifford asked Auge to take over policing during Mardi Gras weekend when Gifford was unavailable due to a death in his family. Auge said that Saturday was quite busy and that it took police close to an hour to get Washington Street open after the parade. He said he would suggest to the Village Special Events committee that it work on developing a parade exit strategy to get people off the streets more quickly.

Over the weekend, the town police issued 12 parking tickets along with two village and 14 town traffic tickets. Three arrests were made in the village — one for disorderly conduct, one for marijuana possession and one for having an open container of alcohol.

Auge noted the number of open container complaints seems to be falling due to the fact that Constable Gifford has begun fining the bars when he catches people leaving their premises with open containers. “The word is getting around,” Auge commented, and it seems to be having an impact.

Highway Department Head Dave Golley reported that the department is working on finishing the building’s offices, restrooms and lunchroom. He also said there have been some problems with icicles tearing off gutters the building. He is working with the gutter contractor to resolve this.

Next, Town Engineer Mark Alianello reported that the East Tank water project “has been stymied” while he is waits for the state to provide an “incentive letter” outlining its requirements for minority- and women-owned business participation and other expectations. He also is working with bond counsel to identify all areas that will directly benefit from the project, which, among other things, will provide better fire protection for residents and businesses through placement of new fire hydrants.

Alianello noted that the State Department of Transportation has agreed to install sidewalks along Route 242 from HoliMont into the village. It also will make improvements to the intersection at Fillmore and Route. 219. Construction of both projects will begin in summer 2014. Alianello said that there is a 500-foot section of water line along Route 242 that must be connected before sidewalks are installed. The DOT will do the work if the town foots the bill. The board agreed to make this “Betterment Request.”

The next meeting of the Town Board will be held on Wednesday, April 17 at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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