Property Development, Highway Garage, and Rec Path on Town Board Agenda

By Jennie Acklin


Supervisor John Burrell called the Ellicottville Town Board meeting to order at 6 p.m. on July 18, 2012. Previous meeting minutes were approved, which then gave Privilege of the Floor to Rick and Glenda Jackson, who attended the meeting to “find out what was going on.” They are particularly concerned about the development of properties adjacent to their Ilex Inn. If new construction was going to start, creating activity and noise, which could affect his guests, Mr. Jackson wanted to know about it. It was suggested that he attend the planning board meeting this Monday, July 23 at 6 p.m. to learn more about project details, and he seemed pleased with the information received.


Next, Michael McGillicuddy was greeted by the board. This is his second attendance in as many months to the board meetings. Last month, he brought up concerns about a vacant home at 6515 Donlen Dr., which has fallen into disrepair, and wanted to know what the town was doing about “fixing the problem.” The home is still owned by John Scronek but is in foreclosure proceedings through Bank of America, and although a maintenance company is in charge of lawn care and property upkeep, not much has been done to keep the property in good condition. McGillicuddy has asked that the Town of Ellicottville participate in maintaining this property and work on finding a resolution to the home’s neglect. Board member Greg Fitzpatrick was able to reach a representative at the Bank of America who was willing to find out who was in charge of maintenance and get the home repaired. The foreclosure proceeding could take quite a while.


Town Attorney Kathleen Moriarty is researching the possibility of whether or not the town can adopt any laws to prevent this in the future. Because the Town of Ellicottville encompasses both rural and residential properties, it would be difficult to require a mowing and maintenance code that would be reasonable to all residents. 

The new Highway Garage Project bid was next on the agenda. Nine bids were submitted to Town Engineer Mark Alianello. The lowest bid was received from Kulback’s, Inc., and then withdrawn. In a letter received from Brian Kulbacki, COO of Kulback’s, he requested that the bid be withdrawn due to a mathematical error, and his bid security be returned without penalty. Much discussion was heard about procurement policy and whether or not his request would be accepted. The second lowest bid was received by Building Innovation Group of East Rochester, N.Y., and awarded to them at a cost of $418,846. Two alternates were requested for the project bids, and discussion between Alianello and Dave Golley resulted in the project excluding bid alternate No. 1, and including bid alternate No. 2 at an additional cost of $10,144. The notice of award will be issued immediately.


A pole barn will also be built at the new highway garage site and bids will be requested as soon as possible. If the pole barn structure were to be built now, and completed in a timely fashion, it would possibly eliminate the need for rental of temporary storage units at the interim garage site. (At last month’s meeting, it was decided to rent the building from Northrup Construction, adjacent to the current highway garage, until the new garage was built and ready to be occupied. Northrup Construction is in the process of purchasing and moving into a building in Great Valley, which would leave their current site on Route 219 available.)


Under new business, board member Ken Hinman presented the idea of a bicycle and walking path. He stated that several people had recently discussed the need for a safe place to ride and walk, probably brought into the light because of the Centurion cycling event coming to Ellicottville next month. Hinman talked to Jack Kramer, zoning board member, and Dave Riley, president of HoliMont, and both were in agreement that it is a “super idea.” A study would have to be done to decide where the path should go and what kinds of funding might be available. The Town of Great Valley would need to be involved with the project, as a natural route for the path might be the Sugartown Road/Brewer Cross Road/ECS loop. Other locations were also discussed. Hinman also stated that a bike path idea was brought up six or seven years ago, but nothing was ever done on the project. All board members were enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to take the next steps involved.


The last agenda item was the sale of the Mill Street Gravel Pit to adjacent property owners Timm and Helen Hermann. It is an approximately 2-acre parcel of land currently used for fill disposal by the town and village crews, and does not have much room for additional fill. Alternate property sites are being considered.


Greg Fitzpatrick briefly discussed the need for an interim audit of the town’s books. Board members also expressed their interest in having the accounting firm present pro-active budgeting suggestions for the third quarter, so that consideration could be given prior to budgeting sessions.


The next meeting of the Ellicottville Town Board will take place on Aug. 15 at 6 p.m.

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