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Town Supervisor John Burrell opened the April 17, 2013, board meeting reporting the town had acquired the requested air conditioning units and a refrigerator for the Cooperative Extension Service Building, and NYSERDA had sent a check for 75 percent of the entire cost. Also noted was a 20 percent increase in CHIPS from $82,021 to $103,952.

Emergency Services: Rick and Glenda Jackson, Ellicottville residents and owners of the Ilex Inn, spoke about an incident approximately eight weeks ago about a call to local EMS that essentially went unanswered. Rick’s mother, Andree McRae, called for help when her mother became weak. After 20 minutes and no response from paramedics, McRae called again to tell them her mother had recovered, and the answer was, “Thank goodness, because we didn’t have anyone to send.”

The Jacksons brought this to the town board’s attention to raise awareness that volunteers are desperately needed. Ellicottville is an all-volunteer department, and although there are currently some EMT trainees in class now, there are no new trained volunteers ready to go. A discussion followed regarding dual certification for police officers and fire fighters, our large community of trained and certified ski patrollers at Holiday Valley and HoliMont, and the challenges of living in a rural community.

Chief of Police Don Auge announced that the Ellicottville Police Department will respond to all fire calls effective April 17, after discussing the needs of more backup with Fire Department Chief Kevin Morton. Auge said, “We will get dispatched on all calls.  We have AED’s in all police vehicles.”

Burrell said the town board is looking into the need for increased membership, and said, “I’d be happy to see any of our town employees become EMT certified.”

Supervisor’s Report: Twenty applications were received for the part-time facilities manager position at the Cooperative Extension Service Building, and Burrell and board member Ken Hinman interviewed 14 candidates. After narrowing the field down to four, the board went into executive session to discuss the final reviews and announced awarding the position to Cheryl Ambrose.

Burrell also presented board members with a proposed drawing for remodeling the courtroom and associated offices. It was also noted that a new courtroom conference table was donated by attorney Kathleen Moriarty.

Recently, Ellicottville Mayor Charlie Coolidge, Mansfield Town Supervisor Bob Keis and Burrell met to discuss expansion of joint fire districts by inviting Great Valley and Humphrey into the current district. The initial study group discussed the economies of consolidating workers’ compensation insurance. A consultant has been invited to meet with all local district captains planned for May.

Burrell also announced that he negotiated a considerable savings in the state insurance fund for the upcoming year effective July 2013.

Auge’s agenda items included a civil service concern, resulting in all board members excusing themselves to a brief executive session.  The outcome was a motion to give police officer James Bouchard the title of deputy officer in charge.

Highway Report: Highway Superintendent Dave Golley discussed the new town barn completion and a gutter problem. “Building Innovations will make it right,” said Golley.  A flawed design resulted in twisted, mangled gutters after the harsh winter. His department will be completely moved into the new building located on Bryant Hill Road by week’s end. Golley also had a personnel matter that took the board into a second executive session.

East Tank Update: Town Engineer Mark Alianello updated the board on the East Tank project, noting that the finalized location was decided last Friday after an inspection of the site. He also said the state hasn’t provided a letter of conditions to release the funds yet. Other items included the HoliMont sidewalk public hearing, the floodplain study submission and an easement granted by the DOT to the town for the corner property of Routes 219 and 242.

New Business: Burrell presenting information regarding the purchase of a new sidewalk plow, with the expense shared with the Village of Ellicottville. The current plow is over six years old and has been out of service twice this winter, the last time for over 30 days. Board members discussed the current sidewalk plow problems, how to the purchase will fit into the 2014 budget, and how to share the expense with the Village. With increased sidewalk projects planned next year, board members agreed the right equipment is needed. A Rochester dealer provided an estimate of $120,000 for a new plow.  A motion to purchase a new sidewalk plow, with half the expense to be reimbursed by the village, was made and seconded.

Trail Update: Hinman presented the board with a recreational trail update, mentioning two landowner approvals are still needed for the proposed village loop. Fundraising has raised approximately $17,000 to date, and plans for beginning the master plan phase are in the works. The committee members have filed and received non-profit corporation status and plan to begin a major fundraising campaign during this summer’s festivals.

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