By Dave Dahl

Ellicottville Central School students have performed well on Regents exams compared to students in other schools in the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES group.

The district had 20 percent of its students score in the 85-to-100 range on the Regents Common Core algebra 1 exam in June. Other schools in the region showed 17.81 percent in that range.

On the Regents Common Core English Language Arts exam in June, the Ellicottville district had 51.11 percent score at 85 or higher, while other schools in the region showed 54.6 percent in that range.

Board of Education members saw those numbers Tuesday night in a presentation by Connie Poulin, elementary school principal and chairwoman of the Committee on Special Education and Committee on Preschool Special Education.

“We’re really a high-achieving school district in terms of students doing well on their Regents exams,” she said.

In addition, 34.29 percent of Ellicottville students scored between 80 and 84 on the algebra 1 exam, compared to 23.68 percent of students in the rest of the region.

On the English Language Arts exam, 35.56 percent of Ellicottville students placed in the 65-to-79 range while 18.2 percent of students at the other schools placed in that range.

The Ellicottville school showed 6.67 percent of students scoring from 80 to 84 on the English exam, while 15.12 percent finished in that range throughout the rest of the region.

As for the Regents Common Core geometry exam, 35.14 percent of Ellicottville students scored between 65 and 79, 8.11 percent scored between 80 and 84 and 5.41 percent earned an 85 or better.

Throughout the region, 47.1 percent of students placed from 65 to 79, 12.05 percent scored from 80 to 84 and 13.63 percent earned an 85 or higher.

The geometry exam ranks among the most difficult, said Superintendent Mark Ward.

“Geometry is a difficult test,” he said. “It’s tough.”

On the Regents global history exam, 76.74 percent of Ellicottville students scored 65 or better while 72.92 percent placed in that range throughout the region.

Ellicottville students’ performance on the Regents U.S. history and government exam also rated higher than the rest of the region as 93.48 percent scored 65 or better, while 87.19 percent of other schools’ students received grades in that range.

In Regents living environment, formerly known as biology, 97.5 percent of Ellicottville students scored 65 or higher, while in the rest of the area, 84.42 percent of students scored in that range.

In another matter, the board canceled the Spanish Club’s trip to Spain planned for February.

Ward explained that only four students signed up, none of which were seniors. He expects a different trip to be scheduled next year.  Visiting Costa Rica or Peru would be much more affordable than going to Europe, he added. “It’s a huge difference,” he said of the cost.

He believes the expense probably caused many families to shy away from the trip to Spain.

“Some of our families just don’t have the bucks,” he said.

Board members also approved the following coaches for the winter season:

• Dave McCann for varsity boys basketball.

• Ryan Winchip for junior varsity boys basketball.

• Chris Keenan for modified boys basketball.

• Chad Bartoszek for varsity girls basketball.

• Katie Taylor for junior varsity girls basketball.

• Tammy Eddy for modified girls basketball.

• Kelly Fredrickson for alpine skiing.

• Deb McGowan for bowling.

• Diana Olson for basketball cheerleading.

• Karl Schwartz and Matt Finn as volunteer boys basketball assistants.

• Mary Neilon for weightlifting/training.

The board also authorized payments to the directors for the sixth-through-eighth-grades musical.

Board members also approved the superintendent’s request to create a technical support specialist position tentatively effective Oct. 18.

The board also approved advisers.

Board members named Colleen Bower as Odyssey of the Mind adviser.

They also named the following as the Homework Club’s academic tutors: Heather Reed, Leah Klahn, Caitlin Keller, April Donoghue, James Przybyla, Sandy Tomblin, Bill Delity, Gay Fitzpatrick, Chelsea Cole, Shannon Palmatier, Lynette Sexton, Melanie Van Wicklin, Dan LaCroix and Cathie Nason.

The following have been named as Homework Club substitutes: Tracie Myers, Scott Wilson, Kim Woodarek, Diana Olson, Tammy Peters, Katie Taylor, Therese Pierce, Kelly McMahon, Kathy Weller, Marie Kleiderlein and Karen Morton.

Morton will also serve as substitute computer lab monitor and substitute detention monitor.

Board members also added Katelynn Smith and Charlene Carr to the substitute teacher list at $68 per day.

The board also named Joshua Freundschuh to the substitute teacher list at $78 per day.

In another matter, the board authorized the superintendent to purchase electricity from Energy Co-op of America at the indexed rate of 1.13 cents per kilowatt hour.

The board’s next meeting is set for 7 p.m. Oct. 25 in the high school’s library.