By Christopher Gordon

In an attempt to make finding someone who is deceased easier, the Ellicottville Town Board is seeking to obtain a grant which would digitize records and make finding the person in question one click away.

“It will be searchable and can be put on the website,” Ellicottville Town Clerk Robyn George said during the Town Board meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

According to George, the town is seeking a Southern Tier Restoration Grant.

If the town is successful in obtaining the grant, then George expects the project would begin some time after the first of the year.

“(The Southern Tier restoration group) will take care of the whole thing,” George said. “They will take care of all of the records you have.”

One of the concerns brought was about records concerning the Bryant Hill Cemetery, which had a lot of records lost due to a fire.

Town Supervisor Matthew McAndrew questioned whether all of the records would go online. George said once all of the information is put together, then the records will all go online. She did not have an exact time frame as to how long it would take to complete the project.

In other news, Highway Superintendent Thomas Scharf said during his report that the “fuel roof is done. It is completed.” The fuel roof was built and placed at the police station.

The speed limit on Robbins Road will be reduced, and Scharf said he recently picked up the new speed limit signs.

Other than those two items, Scharf said the highway department made sure it was prepared for the initial snowfall of the season.

Ellicottville was among the areas impacted by snowfall that hit parts of Western New York over the weekend. This was the first snowfall of the year, which came one day after temperatures were near 70 degrees.

Scharf also said he and the State Department of Transportation have a difference of opinion of what are considered town and state roads. He said there were “eight or 10 roads where we had a minor difference of opinion.” The highway superintendent said the town is looking to extend where it can take care of Canada Road and are currently trying to come up with a solution to that disagreement.

Also on Wednesday, Town Engineer Mark Alianello said plans to improve the HVAC system at the Town Hall are still being worked on.

“Nussbaumer has been working on that,” Alianello said.

According to Alianello, one of the biggest obstacles being faced is how to get 4-inch vent pipes through the wall.

Alianello said his department, in conjunction with Nussbaumer, is exploring a number of possibilities in regards to this problem.

One of the possibilities includes looking at potentially seeing if the vent pipes can be placed through chimneys that are currently not in use.

“Three of them are not being used,” Alianello said.

Another possible solution is seeing if the vent pipes can be set up through the cupola.

“It’s not that hard to get up there,” Alianello said.

He also said as part of the project, the main panel in the boiler room will have to be reorganized and replaced in the boiler room. Alianello noted there are not circuits in that room, which is why the town needs to make the changes in that room.

“That’s going to add some costs,” Alianello said, adding he is hopeful to place the project out to bid sometime in January.

In other news, McAndrew said he received a letter from the Nannen Arboretum Nov. 10 requesting additional funding in the 2017 budget.

McAndrew said it was too late in the process to add additional funding for 2017, but that he would put it on the list for considering during the budget process next year.

“They’ve done a lot of work out there,” Town Board member Steve Crowley said.

McAndrew also noted that he received a request from residents from Farm to Market Roads hoping to have a sidewalk built.

“They are in agreement but nothing has been budgeted,” McAndrew said. Although it is too late to get budgeted for 2017, that the board should look into placing the item up for discussion during next year’s budget process.

The supervisor said the shoulders are very narrow in that location, and he thinks it is a potential safety concern that merits discussion as a potential future project.