Ellicottville’s Oldest and Largest Festival to See Small Changes

Recently the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce staff and Board of Directors met with members regarding the Fall Festival and how to keep the event moving forward on a positive note.

This year, there will be increased emphasis on quality versus quantity in terms of merchandise and food vendors. Overall, there will be fewer vendors and they must have a physical product to sell. (No more cell companies selling contracts, etc.) Merchandise vendors must include photos of their products and their booth, while food vendors will be contacted to discuss their menus. In both cases, booth appearance will be taken into consideration. Better emergency vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows and reduction of vendor parking in the village will also be a priority. While security within the Village has improved over recent years, concerns were raised regarding stricter enforcement of open containers and increased street patrols in the surrounding residential area. These issues will be brought to the attention of the Ellicottville Police Department.

The Fall Festival, Ellicottville’s oldest and largest event, is a huge economic engine for the village, generating in excess of $10 million in revenue and provides a major trickledown effect for all levels of employees, not-for- profits and residents who receive more than $50,000 from various donations and events they manage. The festival continues to grow in popularity and provides an opportunity to showcase the area and its attractions. We are continually striving to provide a better-quality experience that will attract a demographic that truly wants to enjoy all the area has to offer. Based on this valuable feedback from our members, we are confident that this year’s festival will be our best to date and will provide an excellent blueprint for future festivals.