By Amanda Grabowski

An afternoon spent making “space puppets” rounded out a four-week series of summer reading workshops at the Ellicottville Memorial Library led by Kate Benatovich, otherwise known as Mrs. B., and sponsored by the Rotary Club.

“This year’s theme was a ‘Universe of Stories,’ and what a wondrous universe we have,” she said.

The program explored universal design, being universally accepted and universal stories. “Space puppets opened us up to the idea of life other than our own out in the universe,” said Mrs. B.

The children used recycled materials, reminding them to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“Upcycling to art projects like space puppets was also fun,” said Ava Flanigan of the Ellicottville library. “Mrs. B always brings treasures for us to create fun and exciting projects.”

Mrs. B and Mrs. Flanigan celebrate 10 years of collaborating on interesting summer programs for young readers and writers.

The Rotary Club supplies materials and snacks for the workshops.

Oher summer programs this year included a lesson in corn husk doll making from Bernadette Scott with an emphasis on the need to be kind and a lesson on journal making and bookbinding from Janna Willoughby.