When you look up at the clear night sky can you make any sense out of the beautiful randomness? Do you see anything you recognize beyond possibly the moon and the Big Dipper? If not, possibly this class is for you.

We’ll survey the night sky for objects that are easily recognized with the greatest optical instruments known to man; your own two amazing eyes. We won’t be encumbered by the need for binoculars nor telescopes. We’ll consider a few easily recognized naked eye objects that are visible in each season. Those unpredictable, yet beautiful, events such as the northern lights, shooting stars and comets will be addressed. You’ll also learn about artificial satellites and how to spot them. This class will help you better enjoy time spent under a clear night sky.

The class will be led by long time amateur astronomer Bert Probst. It will meet at the library on consecutive Wednesday evenings Nov. 6 and Nov. 13, 7–8:30 p.m. The class is designed for adults 17 and older. Class size is limited to 15 so call the library at (716) 699-2842 to reserve your place. There is no charge.