Ellicottville Nets Majority of Collections, Sets Q4 Record

There’s no getting around it. We are coming off a tough winter for the Ellicottville area. The good news, however, is that Ellicottville has seen another year of hotel occupancy.

In 2015, Ellicottville’s share of lodging tax, known as bed tax, made up 60 percent of the overall amount collected in Cattaraugus County. As a whole, the County collected $791,209 in bed tax, an increase of 2.4 percent over 2014.

Lodging in Ellicottville saw a fourth quarter increase over 2014 and marginally that increase broke a record for the period of Sept. 1 to Nov. 31, 2015.

Visitors continue to come to Ellicottville from all over North America. Continued monitoring of license plates shows that those visitors are coming from not only other places in New York but also Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario. Other recent plate sightings show that travelers from Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina are coming to see what Ellicottville is all about.

Lodging revenue in Ellicottville has more than doubled in collected revenue since 2005. “Everything we do in terms of our destination marketing plan is geared to overnight stays,” Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Brian McFadden, said. “These are the people that spend the most in our area, and that is one of the reasons we aim to have so many multi-day festivals.”

A 2014 study by Tourism Economics showed that traveler spending in Cattaraugus County was just over $214 million with just over 17 percent of the county workforce sustained by tourism. Were it not for tourism-generated state and local taxes the average household in the region would have to pay an additional $635 in taxes to maintain the same level of government revenue.