evgvtrailStop by Fall Fest Tent to Learn More By Alicia Dziak

It’s easy to see why people flock to Ellicottville year round. With so many great shops, restaurants and outdoor destinations in or within a short distance from the village, the ease and fun of getting from one place to the next will only be enhanced by the addition of the Ellicottville-Great Valley (EVGV) Trail, a four-season multi-use trail.

The EVGV Trail Committee held a meeting on Sept. 17, 2013, at the Town Center building. At the meeting, committee member Mark Alianello talked in detail about the TEP grant application that was recently submitted. He and other committee members put the application together, working closely with landscape architect and trail planner Rick Manning, who was hired by the committee to create the master plan for the trail. During the process, many new trail opportunities were discovered.

A general description of the route encompassed by this potential transportation grant connects key community facilities and areas. Although it may be several months until the committee will know if their application has been accepted, everyone involved is very optimistic.

Also, at the September meeting, a general discussion of potential routes, phases and loops was led by Manning, with map details of potential routes presented. It is important, as Manning and Alianello pointed out, that these are merely possible routes and directions, not finalized plans. The committee hopes to have a completed master plan in the next month or so. The master plan will allow the committee to have a formal document to present during fundraising efforts, grant applications and other presentations.

In addition to the recent strides made by the trail committee, generous donations have recently come in from businesses and individuals.

“We’re excited by the amazing community support we’ve received so far,” said Jennie Acklin, member of the EVGV Trail Committee.

As you roam the streets of Ellicottville’s Fall Fest this weekend, be sure to stop by the EVGV Trail tent, located next to the Gazebo by the Town Hall, to learn about plans for this exciting new trail.

Brochures and maps will be available, and fun items such as hats, T-shirts and jackets featuring the trail’s new logo will be available for any individual or business interested in donating to the trail. Committee members will be available to talk with anyone interested in details of the trail.

Several items will also be raffled during Fall Fest to benefit the trail.

“We’re really looking forward to talking with everyone during this busy weekend and sharing the updates we have regarding the trail,” said Acklin. “We hope people will realize the numerous benefits of building this trail, whether they live here year round or visit seasonally.”

The addition of a multiuse trail will reinforce Ellicottville’s reputation as a four-season resort community and will increase opportunities for all ages to live a healthy and active lifestyle, all while enjoying Ellicottville’s beautiful surroundings. Eventually, the trail will run from the eastern boundary of the Village of Ellicottville to Great Valley, connecting businesses, resorts and other stopping points along the way.

To help make this vision a reality, please consider making an individual or business tax-deductible donation. A trail fundraising campaign to pay for planning, as well as construction and future maintenance of the trail, has been launched.

If you don’t make it to the EVGV Trail’s Fall Fest tent this weekend, you can also make a tax-deductible donation online at www. cattfoundation.org, or by mailing your check payable to: Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail Fund, c/o Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation, 120 N. Union St., Olean, NY 14706.

Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated. For more information, contact Ken Hinman at (716) 474-8214 or Jennie Acklin at (716) 699-4062, or stop by the EVGV tent at Fall Fest.