Say good-bye to dodging cars while cycling or running on nonexistent road shoulders, and say hello to a handicap-accessible, recreational trail you can use any time free of charge to jog in a traffic-free environment, teach your children how to ride a bike, cross-country ski through the scenic countryside, push your baby stroller in a safe environment, take grandpa out for an afternoon spin in his wheelchair or walk off Fido’s extra bulge.

It’s true! A dedicated committee of community leaders has been working diligently on the creation of a multiuse recreational trail for the Ellicottville–Great Valley community. Currently, the group is in the process of raising money to pay for the development of a master plan and is forming its own 501(c)(3) non-profit to handle the tax-deductible donations to get this project off the ground.

Excitement is growing and so is the generosity of donors wishing to support the project. To date, the trail has received $11,000 in donations accepted through the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation, a non-profit public foundation that has created an account for the trail project.

To find out how you can make a donation and make a difference, speak with any committee member, call Trail Committee Co-Chair Jennie Acklin at (716) 699-4062 or email her at, or call  Trail Chairman Ken Hinman at (716) 474-8214.

Direct donations can be made online at or by mailing your check payable to Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail Fund, c/o Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation, 120 N. Union St., Olean, NY 14706.

CRCF is a 501(c)(3) public foundation that will accept donations on behalf of the Ellicottville-Great Valley Recreational Trail, allowing donors’ gifts to be tax deductible. CRCF will issue grants from the fund for the creation and maintenance of the trail.

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