Submitted by Jeanne M. Brown

On Saturday, Dec. 6, the Ellicottville Fire Department (EFD) held their annual installation banquet.

The officers are: President – Jack Rogan, First VP – John Golley, Second VP – Wade Barrett, Secretary – Kris Germain, Treasurer – Jim Golley, Fire Chief – Kevin Morton, First Assistant Chief – Jim Golley, Second Assistant Chief – Rob Germain, Third Assistant Chief – Dan Kruszynski, Fire Captain – Gene Raecher, First Assistant Fire Captain – John Golley, Second Assistant Fire Captain – Brian Fuller, Director three years – Jim Golley, and County Convention Delegate – John Cady

Recognition of Service: 10 years – Jeanne Brown, Everett Ratzel and Lloyd Hovey; 30 years – Jim Golley and Paula Ayrhart; 40 years – Jim Ayrhart and Steve Crowley; 50 years – John Burrell and the family of Dave Golley for his 50 years of service.

Outstanding Firemen for 2014 were Wade Barrett and Bob Adams for lifesaving work performed during the Great Valley Regatta.

EFD answered a total of 147 calls this year: 34 motor vehicle accidents, 24 landing zones for Mercy Flight, 25 service calls and 11 fire calls. We had multiple mutual aid calls.

The Ellicottville/Great Valley Ambulance Service had 495 dispatches: 148 were in Ellicottville and 107 in Great Valley, 121 at the ski resorts, 62 motor vehicle accidents, 30 for Mercy Flight, and 100 mutual aid requests with Little Valley, Salamanca and East Otto. Our top five responders for 2014 were Scott Cant, John Burrell, Bob Adams and Annie Adams.

E/GV Ambulance Service has been in existence for 40 years and had their dinner celebration of this anniversary on Nov. 15.

Much of the history of this ambulance service was shared by Mark Ward and John Burrell. E/GV Ambulance Service has a new ambulance this year, as well as two power cots and two load systems.

Many wonderful donations of door prizes were received from the local business in Ellicottville as listed in the box. One gift in particular was received in thanks, because the donor wouldn’t be here if it had not been for the fast response of the fire department. Special recognition was given to Annie Adams for her quick response and hard work.

Our banquets have always been catered by Sue Williams and her crew. Her work has been outstanding and we have always enjoyed her creations. Our best wishes to Sue as she is retiring from her catering. Note: We will need a new caterer next year!

The fire service and ambulance service are both very rewarding ways to serve your community. Please call (716) 353-0354 for information on membership. Our meetings are the first Monday of the month. Work details are on Tuesday evenings.