nightlife-ALTERNATEFriday, October 25

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.

RT & FJ Live

Same group, different night. Freddie & Rod change their clothes and billing, but NOT their eclectic selection of music for this Friday night start-your-weekend gig. It’s an upbeat vibe no matter what night you hear them.

Balloons, 7 p.m. 

An Evening with Caitlin

Caitlin Koch won the title of Buffalo’s best female vocalist last year and, usually along with backing from the Jamie Moses Band, her considerable talents will be sure to astound and please every music fan.

Saturday, October 26

Gin Mill, 9 p.m. 

The Joe Wagner Band

& Halloween Party

We all know Joe as the Wednesday night “wingman,” but occasionally he expands the act to include four very talented musicians who complement his “acoustic comfort” sound and mutate it into a more rocking Saturday night version.

The Pub, 9 p.m.

The Midnight Riders

 These six musicians from West Valley area, who range in age from 19–64, love their Southern rock, and with their dueling guitars, they perform that repertoire with much love and authenticity.

Balloons, 6 p.m.

Paul Briandi All-Star Band

Led by lead singer Paulie “Blues” Briandi, this quintet is filled with Buffalo-area band veterans that play very danceable blues, R & B and classic rock, peppered with horns and keyboards for a most expressive sound.

Monday, Oct. 28

Madigan’s, 9:30 p.m.

Mondo Monday

The “Rev. Jack” will be solo this week, but there could be a special guest or two. So if you want to bring a musical instrument to pass around (along with the tip basket), he will bless you a hundredfold!

Tuesday, Oct. 29

Gin Mill, 7 p.m.

The Twobadours

Less IS more when Mr. Grey & Mr. Brown weave their down-home, front-porch style into every song they do.

Wednesday, Oct.30

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Joe Wagner & Friends

With Joe’s steady partner, John Winston, on winter sabbatical in New Mexico, Joe will be sharing the stage with a rotating assortment of his favorite sidemen, bringing  a different mix every week to his acoustic sound recipe.

Thursday, Oct. 31

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Fred & Tuck

After you’re done trick-or-treating, stop by the Gin Mill for a great musical treat. No tricks with Freddie & Rod — just the real thing — good music performed consistently well by two men (not guys) who love what they do. Happy Halloween!