Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville  November 9-15, 2012

Our weather forecast projects a return of summer for this weekend, Elkdale Country Club should still open and in good fall form. So if you wish to enjoy one last round of golf, just give Elkdale Country Club a call.

This weekend, Ellicottville Brewing Company’s annual “Beer & Wine Festival” will be taking place at Holiday Valley’s Yodeler Lodge with the opening dinner being held Friday evening at 6:00 PM in The Tannenbaum Lodge. Besides the availability of wonderful Beer and Wine, “Big Leg Emma”, a really excellent Southern Tier Band, will be performing at 4:00 PM Saturday in Yodeler Lodge as part of this wonderful event. One more note. The tickets for Saturday’s Yodeler Event are sold out. As of this writing tickets for Fridays dinner are still available.

Also this week the annual Ellicottville Food Pantry Food Drive, hosted and promoted by Bob McCarthy, will take place in front of The Gin Mill beginning at 6:00 PM next Wednesday please bring your non-perishable items for donation.

Besides the aforementioned “Beer & Wine Festival” and Food Drive, starting today Friday November 09, 2012, through Thursday November 15, 2012, including “Big Leg Emma” we will have eight Bands, three DJ’s, some football afternoon and evenings complete with dinner specials and several “All Week Sound System Music Event” taking place here in Ellicottville for us all to enjoy. You may also wish to check out the advertising on the adjoining pages of this fine newspaper for some excellent places to dine and have FUN in and around Ellicottville.

So here we go on our music parade. Balloons starts us of at 7:00 PM Friday with “The Stevie Project” in house. Joseph Michael Mahfoud, who is “The Stevie Project”, does a really fine tribute show celebrating the music of “Stevie Ray Vaughan”. Besides the excellent cover tunes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mr. Mahfoud will do several more tunes that are referred to as “Smokin Blues”. Therefore, if The Blues are high on your list of FUN things, Balloons will be the place to be this Friday. Following “The Stevie Project”, “Personable DJ John Barry” will take over with his very friendly, LIVE, “Personality Show Off Show” from Balloons Sound & Light Booth. As always, John’s LIVE Show will include a neat danceable selection of tunes, plus interesting and FUN conversation till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Friday, The Gin Mill will have “Two Guys Drinking Beer” on stage. Ron and Terry, the two guys, are also the heart and soul of the band “West”. Here we have, two truly talented and excellent musicians, who will create a very FUN Gin Mill Music Party Night with their good tunes and general silliness that always accompanies “The Two Guys”. As always, remember The Gin Mill serves their excellent and reasonably priced menu, which includes a great fish fry, till midnight on weekends.

Saturday The FUN begins at 4:00 PM in two locations. As mentioned before, “Big Leg Emma” will be performing at Holiday Valley’s Yodeler Lodge for the sold out EBC Beer & Wine Festival. 

Also at 4:00 PM Saturday, Balloons will host a performance by “The Strangers”. “The Strangers”, an Ellicottville favorite band, will be ROCKIN The House. This will be a four-piece version of this great band. Mitch on lead vocals & bass, Jerry on lead guitar & vocals and Bud on keys & vocals will be joined by a new drummer & vocalist, Jeff Erny. As we experienced last August and Fall Fest Weekend, The Strangers will display several new music options creating a new music mix that makes their excellent sound even better. So here we go, another really FUN music evening will happen in Balloons This Saturday. Following “The Strangers” Chatty Frank Watson,” Ellicottville’s “Party Monster”, will take over from Balloons Sound & Light Booth. Frank, a resident on leave from “The Disoriented DJ Home”, will show off his party skills with a FUN & danceable selection of tunes, along with his all-ages’ friendly chitter/chatter till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will have “Live & Kickin” set up and doing, as they do every time they play here, their “Live Music for all Occasions” show. This three-piece good time & FUN rock band plays to the wishes of their audience. Thereby, creating a Great Gin Mill Party Time. Their main focus is classic rock. However, depending on the desires of The Gin Mill Crowd, they may venture into other areas of music. For sure, it will be a good time in The Gin Mill this Saturday night.

After another music free Football Sunday, that just might produce a Bills win over The Patriots, NAH! Lets move to Monday in The Gin Mill at 6:00 PM, where their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti & Football Dinner” for only $6.99 will happen. Adding to The Gin Mill FUN will be “Connor The Crasher”. While on bar duty, Connor will be playing classic country tunes through the sound system until The Steelers take on The Chiefs.

Then at 10:00 PM Sharpe, Monday rounds out in Madigans with Church on Monday. Deacon Dan and Reverend Jack just might hook up with Bongo’s Freddie. This threesome will, for sure, have Madigans BOPPIN & ROCKIN to the beat of their original Honky Tonk to Rock-A-Billy tunes, Thereby, making Madigans a very enjoyable place to visit Monday night.

Wednesday, the FUN and music begins at 8:00 PM, when The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner, John Winston doing their traditional Folk to Southern Rock Acoustic Night of Music. More than likely, Freddie and Retro Lil Joey will join in helping them create an even better Gin Mill Wednesday Night of Music. This show is absolutely the best.

Thursday we will have two music events. First at 8:00 PM The Gin Mill will have “Freddie & Friends” doing their weekly version of what used to be “The Weekly Notice Band”. The music will be Classic to Country Rock. Just who will be performing won’t be known until they start the gig. What we know for sure, The Gin Mill will be ROCKIN & FUN this Thursday night.

Then at 8:00 PM Thursday The PUB in Great Valley will have “DJ Felony” along with his Karaoke Show back for another Thursday gig. This neat show gives The PUB Patrons two options. You may be part of the show or just kick back and enjoy The Local & FUN PUB Good Times.

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