nightlife-ALTERNATEFriday, Nov. 1

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.

2 Guys Drinkin’ Beer

Yes, those two guys are back, playing and singing some great songs and sippin’ some suds in between. They do a fine mix of tunes you can sing and dance to…come in and enjoy…TGIF!

Balloons, 7 p.m.

Back to the Bars

This Buffalo-area quartet has a unique approach: playing those obscure one-hit wonders and B-sides you don’t hear other bands play. Their repertoire is also peppered with progressive rock and AM gold standards for us baby-boomers.


Saturday, Nov.2

Saturday, Nov. 2

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.

Three Easy Pieces

Five Easy Pieces is a movie…Three Easy Pieces is a band…both will entertain you, but only these three men can get you dancing to rock and country hits this Saturday night…live in EVL…come in and …stick around !

Balloons, 6:00 pm


This award-winning, Buffalo-area, high-energy pop, rock and dance party band will be making their Ellicottville debut tonight, so let’s give them a big “EVL” welcome!


Monday, Nov. 4

Madigans, 9:30 p.m.  

Mondo Monday

Yes, it’s the start of the week, and what better, more funky way to start it than with the “Rev. Jack” and his cool, kitschy concoctions of musical madcap madness!

Tuesday, Nov. 5

Gin Mill, 7 p.m.

The Twobadours

Messrs. Gray & Brown bring their informal, down-home versions of country, rock and blues in their relaxed style…just for the fun of it!


Wednesday, Nov. 6

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Joe Wagner & Friends

From now through ski season, Joe will be rotating his guest lineup with an assortment of his favorite sidemen, tweaking his tried and true “acoustic comfort” sound each week with a new mix.


Thursday, Nov. 7

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Fred & Tuck

They can play just about anything … from Johnny Cash to The Clash … pop, rock, reggae, c & w, r & b, m.o.r., a.o.r., and…no rap! So come in for a listen and ask Freddie what all those abbreviations stand for.