nightlife-ALTERNATEFriday, May 24

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.

2 Guys Drinkin’ Beer

These two guys, also known as “acoustic West minus one,” are back again for a Friday night foray into their acoustic interpretations of a wide variety of rock, pop and country. Frontman Ron has a good time with the audience, and so will you … with 2 guys … drinkin’ beer.

Balloons, 7 p.m.

All Star Band

This seasoned quartet hails from Buffalo and specializes in rhythm & blues, funk, blues, soul, Motown, and just about anything else with an infectious beat that will slide you over to the dance floor.

Saturday, May 25

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.


This is a very versatile four-piece band from the Buffalo area specializing in classic rock favorites and done in a true-to-form style that only the best cover bands can achieve.

Balloons, 6 p.m. 

The Rhythm Rockers

A perennial Buffalo blues band mainstay, this quartet knows the blues, and singer/lead guitarist Stevie B. always tops everyone’s list of best male blues vocalists. Over the years, they’ve opened for many national acts.

Monday, May 27 

Madigan’s, 9:30 p.m.

Mondo Monday 

Did you know the word “mondo” is the Italian word for “world”? It’s also used as an adjective to describe something as big or grand. I guess that gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Reverend and The Deacon every Monday night. So, expect the unexpected!

Wednesday, May 29

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Wagner & Winston

Yes, John is back and by Joe’s side (on stage) again. Don’t forget … next week Joe will be celebrating his 30th year at the Gin Mill, and will be playing with an all-star group of friends on Saturday, June 8. Congratulations to Joe for what has to be one of the longest steady gigs in music history!

Thursday, May 30

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Fred & Tuck

Another anniversary? Yes, tonight. But it’s a mere five years for Freddie Joseph here on Thursday nights. Originally billed as Kuk & Freddie, Kuk had to bow out after a couple of years, leaving Freddie to play with some great musicians like Brian Hicks, Jeff Johnson and for the last two years or so, Rod Tucker.