By Freddie Joseph

The Depot

There will be continual ski flicks on the big-screens at the Depot. Chris “Moose” Brown promises nothing but the best classic ski videos, because the Depot “works hard to keep the ART in PARTY”!


Friday Jan. 18

Gin Mill, 9:00 pm 

Big Leg Emma’s Steve & Charity

This guitar and mandolin duo forms the core of Big Leg Emma, a Jamestown, NY Americana/roots/bluegrass group who has made quite a name for itself. Steve & Charity write and sing most of their own songs, so you’ll be getting a healthy dose of new stuff in an easy, acoustic style you will love.

Balloons, 7:00 pm

The Ozone Rangers

These ZZ Top look-a-likes have been around a long time, and will rock-out with many other kinds of boogie in-your-face songs…and not just from their idols; Southern rock,classic rock, and ALWAYS steady as a rock!


Saturday Jan. 19

Gin Mill, 9:00 pm


Billed as western New York’s favorite party band, this quartet, formed in 1991, has one of the most comprehensive song lists of any classic rock band. Quite popular in this neck of the woods, their followers are known as “Zephyrheads.” So head on downtown and get your fill of classic rock and roll…Zephyr-style!

Balloons, 5:00pm

Sandi Pack & East of Eden

East of Eden is a solid blend of veteran Buffalo-area musicians that have extended itself into many creative styles of music, including blues, classic Southern rock and alternative country. They continually strive to maintain solid vocals and an ever-growing repertoire.

The Pub, 9:00 pm

Roll The Dice

Another versatile local band and Pub favorite (they let owner Randy sing a few songs), they perform a nice mix of classic rock and modern country with excellent vocal support. Another of my former bands, they will do what it takes to make you rock. You always win with this Roll (of) the Dice.(Great Valley)


Sunday, Jan. 20

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Freddie n’ Tuck

Come and celebrate the Monday holiday eve with the Thursday night favorites Freddie Joseph and Rod Tucker. Always tight (thanks to frequent guests “Djembe Jay” and Joey D.) and entertaining, they can always be counted on to keep the Gin Mill crowd “un-restrained”!

Balloons, 6:00 pm

Popa Chuby

Literally… the biggest exponent of modern blues-rock, Popa ( a.k.a. Ted Horowitz ) looks like a big biker rocker dude with a blues problem, but with a hard rock foundation that’s made to be shaken. Surprises are in-store when you hear his version of Judy Garland’s classic “Over The Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”. You will be moved (like Hendrix’s version of The Star Spangled Banner). He even has his own full-page Wikipedia entry. This man is no lightweight by any definition!

Monday, Jan. 21

Gin Mill, 6:00 pm

Homemade Jam

Yes, a fortnight has passed, and that means Liz and Homemade Jam will be spreading it on pretty thick for the Gin Mill’s Monday night supper crowd. Their music is like their name implies – a familiar, delicious blend of pop and country standards everyone can hum along to, stylized by the superb vocals of Liz “Red Door” Boberg. Spread some good cheer and give a listen to Homemade Jam!

Madigans, 9:00 pm

Gary London

With Mondo Monday headliner Shad Nowicki recovering from his “hysterectomy,” Gary, who is a regular guest of Joe Wagner, will keep the church open (so to speak) with his brand of classic tunes, especially his Pink Floyd renditions. This church isn’t just for prayin’!


Wednesday, Jan. 23

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Joe Wagner n’ Friends

Joe and his Taylor dreadnought acoustic guitar sound really good every Wednesday night, especially with 50 cent wings and reasonably priced beverages. Good classic Southern rock  never changes, it just gets better, and “Wings & Wagner” ranks high on most everyone’s list of what Ellicottville is all about. Celebrating 30 continuous years at the Gin Mill this May!


Thursday, January 24

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Freddie n’ Tuck

A rose by any other name…whatever you call them, the Freddie & Friends version with Rod Tucker always smells sweet. They can always be counted on to bring you to the dance floor or keep you riveted to your seat and taken care of by a great staff. As Freddie always says before breaks: DON’T LEAVE!

The Pub, 9:00 pm

DJ Felony

One of the areas top entertainers (he doesn’t just stand there like a human jukebox), DJ Felony has a light show, trivia, karaoke, and great music.

Madigan’s, 9:30 pm

Party Squad

Buffalo’s premier cover/party band, Party Squad, has been a ski season staple here at Madigan’s for years – one visit and you’ll see why!

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