The Depot

There will be continual ski flicks on the big-screens at the Depot. Chris “Moose” Brown promises nothing but the best classic ski videos, because the Depot “works hard to keep the ART in PARTY”!

Friday Jan. 25

Gin Mill, 9:00 pm 

Freddie & Tuck

“Weren’t you guys here last night?” is the often-asked question of these two Thursday night regulars…and yes, they sometimes get a back-to-back booking…but if they weren’t good, and didn’t cultivate a great following, they wouldn’t be here as often as they are. Come in and see why (and check out their Mumford & Sons songs).

Balloons, 7:00 pm

Jackson Rohm

Originally born & raised in nearby Jamestown, NY, solo artist Jackson Rohm looks more like a model than a musician…but looks can be deceiving. He’s a seasoned singer-songwriter doing acoustic-based country, pop and rock, with over 70 original and 400 covers in his repertoire. (P.S.: He’s even sung the National Anthem before a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field in front of 38,000 fans!).

Madigans, 10:00 pm

Goodby Dawn

Another local band, this five-piece original & cover band plays all the latest high-energy dance tunes to keep you hoppin’…songs by Adele (yes, they have a girl vocalist on keyboards too), Usher, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Maroon 5, etc., with enough force to keep you dancing until the 2 am closing bell !


Saturday Jan. 26

Gin Mill, 9:00 pm


Another outstanding area talent, classic rockers West have been playing solid classic rock’n’roll since before I was born (just kidding!), but their experience is immediately noticeable to any fan of live music. Originally part of an Olean area supergroup with origins going back to the 70’s that “geographically splintered” (hence the name), they are solidly “together”, and are a retuning Gin Mill favorite !

Balloons, 5:00 pm

The Stevie Project

This tribute trio is named after their primary inspiration (not Stevie Nicks), and if you close your eyes and give a listen, you’d think Stevie Ray Vaughn was still alive and playing right here in Ellicottville. Their brand of Texas-style blues is expertly performed by Joseph, Russel and Hugh with that something extra you blues fans will love.


Holiday Valley Lodge 

T-Bar, 3:30 pm

Bleeding Hearts Band

A five-time Buffalo Music Awards winner, this trio plays a mix of classic hits from the 60’s and 70’s, retro 80’s, and alternate 90’s, plus some outstanding contemporary music as well.


Wednesday, Jan. 30

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Joe Wagner N’ Friends

Joe will be doing his thing, along with Freddie on percussion & vocals, at the Gin Mill, and with those famous discounted chicken wings. His eclectic mix of acoustic hits blended with his harmonica solos, have been keeping them coming back for 29 years ! Have a seat and give a listen soon.


Thursday, January 31

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Freddie N’Tuck

The name of this duo is derived from Rod’s father, Dave Tucker’s old Country band “Nip N’Tuck”, but the homage ends there, because they do a lot more than Country… classic rock, old jukebox hits, even newcomers like Mumford & Sons are given their special big & full acoustic treatment. A great vibe is in store for all!

The Pub, 9:00 pm

DJ Felony

One of the area’s top entertainers (he doesn’t just stand there like a human jukebox), DJ Felony has a light show, trivia, karaoke, and great music.

Madigans, 9:30 pm

Party Squad

Now in their 21st ski season here, Party Squad is one of Buffalo’s longest running and most awarded bands. Tight musicianship, spot-on vocals, and expansive song list of classic favorites make them a must see act.

Balloons, 9:00 pm

Steel Keys & Brass

A very unique group which even includes trumpet and tuba, their music can be described as a blend of folk infused funky-tribal blues rock. Quite a mish-mash of styles that works well together, so be prepared for a special musical experience.

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