by Freddie Joseph

Friday, Feb. 22

The Depot

Starting today and continuing through the weekend, The Depot will be celebrating the Red Bull Film Festival, which features exclusive Red Bull ski & sports films. Also they’ll be featuring Red Bull drink specials during this weekend.


Gin Mill, 9:00 pm

2 Guys Drinkin’ Beer

Back again this week, Ron and Terry, and possibly a percussionist, have a high-energy show featuring all your favorite classic rock & pop favorites, and will always try to play any requests thrown at them. They are always “up” for a good time, with or without the beer.

Balloons, 7:00 pm


This quintet plays both originals & covers with a sound & feel of the original artists from any era. A must-see act from the Buffalo area, they play Classic Rock…that COUNTS!


Saturday, Feb. 23

Gin Mill, 9:00 pm


Returning again for some great party music, this regional favorite is quite popular around here, love to play from a huge playlist of Classic Rock favorites, and might even bring some of their fans, known as “Zephyrheads” to help them celebrate a snowy Saturday night in EVL.


Balloons, 5:00 pm

The Rockaz

If you’re one of those fans of hot weather “island” music, these Buffalo area masters of the genre’ will bring it on back to ya’. Their music is a blend of Roots Reggae, Funk, Ska, Rockin’ Soul, Dub (I had to look this up…it’s instrumental reggae), Hip Hop, and down-home goodness.


Sunday, Feb. 24

Madigans, 9:00 pm



Monday, Feb. 25

Gin Mill, 7:00 pm

A Touch Of Gray

My apologies to Red Gray for last week’s not-so-accurate description of Touch Of Gray’s personnel…his partner is R.P.Jones on harmonica ( billed on his card as the “hardcore troubadour”), and together these two blow out some fine acoustic Country, Blues, Folk & Rock, and Red will even ask you for suggestions and requests, so come on in and take him up on it !


Wednesday, Feb. 27

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Joe Wagner & Friends

Around here, “Wings & Wagner” is as popular a pairing as bacon & eggs or peanut butter & jelly…and even more so every Wednesday night, singin’ great classic Folk & Rock to an appreciative audience who love his harmonica and laid-back acoustic stylings.


Balloons, 9:00 pm

Preston Shannon

A native of Memphis, Preston is a powerful guitarist also blessed with a compelling and soulful voice who sounds like a cross between Otis Redding and Bobby Womack. He’s a big attraction on Beale Street, and I’m sure he’ll be just as popular on Monroe Street, too.


Thursday, Feb. 28

Gin Mill, 8:00 pm

Freddie N’ Tuck

Start your weekend early with your friends Freddie & Rod, a dynamic duo you can really dance to with acoustic guitar, drums & bongos ( and maybe Jay and Joey D…the rhythm devils ), their show sounds like a bigger group. They play new stuff, old stuff, and always GOOD stuff !


Madigans, 9:30 pm

Party Squad

Buffalo’s premier party/cover band, Party Squad has been a ski season staple here for 21 years – one visit and you’ll see why.


The Pub, 9:00 pm

DJ Felony

DJ Felony ( AKA Keith Barmore) prides himself on being a totally open format DJ, spinning all types of tunes. He does it all, and loves every second of it !

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