By Freddie Joseph

Friday, March 22

Gin Mill, 9 p.m. 

RT Live

These two guys have more names than an English Earl, but a rose by any other name plays just as well as Fred & Tuck on Thursday nights, but they kick it up a notch when they’re allowed to play past midnight. They also pull out more songs you normally don’t hear, along with some new ones as well, so listen and learn … just for the fun of it.

Balloons, 7 p.m.


Back again for another Saturday happy hour gig, this quintet plays both originals and covers with a sound and feel of the original artists of the rock era. A must-see act from the Buffalo area, they play classic rock that COUNTS


Saturday, March 23

Gin Mill, 9 p.m.

The Joe Wagner Band

Most soloists will “upsize” to a three- or four-piece group on special occasions, and Joe is no exception. His mercurial lineup keeps his repertoire sounding interesting, which includes a wide range of folk, rock and blues favorites, with Joe switching between guitar and bass. Stop in and see another side of Joe.

The Pub, 4 p.m.

Toucan Jam

This local area duo loves to rock and plays a diverse selection of music from the ‘60s to today, including some instrumentals as well.

Balloons, 6 p.m.

The Boneshakers

This tight six-piece group from the Buffalo area plays a wide variety of blues, classic rock, rhythm & blues, country and country-rock “with crowd pleasing assurance.” Boasting a sax man and a keyboardist who plays a real Hammond B3 with a Leslie speaker, their show sounds very authentic and masterful.


Monday, March 25

Gin Mill, 7 p.m.

A Touch of Gray

Back again for their fortnightly gig are Red Gray and R.P. Jones doing their acoustic thing with a great variety of popular and offbeat favorites ranging from rock to country to blues and beyond. So come on in and holler up a request to Red. He loves playing what YOU want to hear.


Wednesday, March 27

Gin Mill, 8 p.m. 

Joe Wagner & Friends

In EVL skiing turns into golfing, but Joe on Wednesday is a constant. His acoustic comfort music transcends the seasons. So whether you’re wearing ski boots or golf shoes, always bring your boogie shoes to the Gin Mill every Wednesday and settle in for a nice mix of your favorite songs, helped out by Freddie’s spot-on percussion and vocals …always a no-miss night.


Thursday, March 28

Gin Mill, 8 p.m.

Freddie & Tuck

For your dining and dancing pleasure, these two will get you in the mood to start your EVL weekend off with a musical BANG, with a wide assortment of classic hits mixed in with some new ones as well. This two-man show sounds like a bigger group, occasionally helped out by an augmented world percussion section. Enjoy.

The Pub, 9 p.m.

DJ Felony and his alter-ego Keith pride themselves with being a totally open format DJ, spinning all kinds of music. He does it all, and loves every minute of it!

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