Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville

By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

April is coming to an end and normally we are out playing golf at both Holiday Valley’s Double Black Diamond Course and Elkdale Country Club. However, after the snow that arrived earlier this week, golf, at this point isn’t an option. We were really off to an excellent start to our spring outdoor FUN AND GOLF time. Both courses were up and running and in almost mid-season form. Well, hopefully things will get better as move into May. The Great Valley Ya Gotta Regatta is scheduled for the weekend of May 4 and the weather should be in a more cooperative mode.

The music and other indoor FUN STUFF is still rolling along in pretty good shape. For the week beginning Friday April 27, 2012 through Thursday May 3, 2012, we will have six Bands, two DJ’s, two or three Sound System Music Happenings plus the usual super food and drink specials that will be offered in our wonderful clubs and restaurants, thereby creating an excellent diversion from the not so nice spring weather we have just experienced.


            The PUB in Great Valley will be back to music free this week. However, you still will be able to enjoy The FUN and local atmosphere found regularly in The PUB which also includes some excellent eats, or if you wish, munchies.

The first of The Sound System Music Events will again happen in Madigans. Around 7:00 PM, both Friday and Saturday, Madigans will have their Sound System playing their version of “Party Favorites” until 10:00 PM when Club Madigans takes over. Then, as they always do, The FUN & Festivities will increase till close. Also, weather permitting; Madigans Up-Stairs Patio & Party Bar might will be open.

The first band performance of the week will take place at 7:00 PM Friday in Balloons with “The DeRosa Brothers Band” in house. Previously known in Balloons as a super talented and highly skilled, guitar and vocals duo, Vince and Tony will be doing this gig complete with their hot rhythm section. They played several Mondays in Balloons last winter as a duo and really put on some superlative shows. The talent of these two musicians is among the best we have seen here in Ellicottville. A very FUN music night will be had in Balloons this Friday.

Following “The DeRosa Brothers”, “Personable DJ John Barry” will be LIVE in Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his really FUN LIVE “Personality Show Off Show”. This “Sound & Light Show”, as always, will include a wonderful selection of danceable tunes and John’s normal unique and very interesting Chitter/Chatter line of communication till close.

Saturday’s band music will also begin in Balloons with “The All Stars Band” doing a 6:00 PM gig. As their billing provided by Mr. Elder says, Kenny and Wade Hawkins, Rodney Appleby and Flute, who are “The All Stars Band”, are World Class, Expert & Soulful Funk Masters. They play an excellent selection of tunes in a manor that is second to non

e. A lot of their tunes will have a Rhythm & Blues sound. There-by creating even more good music times in Balloons this Saturday evening. Following “The All Stars”, “DJ Flakey or Chatty Frank Watson”, who is also known as “The Party Monster”, and still on a pass from “The Disoriented DJ Home”, will be in Balloons Sound Booth. The Home has assured us that Frank will have his antenna free of snow and properly adjusted allowing him to provide his usual, wonderful, danceable selection of tunes and user-friendly conversation till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will continue this FUN Blues Music Saturday with “The Speedy Parker Blues Band”. “Unique Blues” is how  “Speedy Parker” describes The Blues tunes they play. In fact they play Blues that you can feel all the way to your soul. It has been since last January that this Gin Mill Regular Band has played in here in Ellicottville. So lets get out and welcome “The Speedy Parker Blues Band” back and enjoy the FUN they create with their version of The Blues. Another thing to remember, The World Famous Gin Mill serves their excellent and reasonably priced menu till mid-night on weekends. So after a Saturday night of The Blues you may enjoy an excellent meal.

Again Ellicottville will have another quiet Sunday. So here we go on to next Monday through Thursday. Monday will be a single band and sound system evening. There will be several food and drink specials in and around our village making for some good times beginning this Monday.

The Gin Mill starts us off with the start of their “Summer Of Fun Food and Drink Specials”. This neat happening will begin May 1, 2012 and run through the end of summer. These Gin Mill Happy Hour Specials will be served at very reduced prices from 4:00 PM till 7:00 PM every Monday through Friday, as we said, till summers end.

Balloons, will be home to our second “Sound System Music Event” of the week. However this one will include pizza and wing specials. Mike Brady will be hosting this music, pizza and twenty-five cent wing Monday Night Special. The music will come from Balloons Wonderful Sound & Light System. Just stop in Balloons on Monday, say “Hi Mike” then kick back and enjoy the FUN, music, pizza and excellent twenty-five cent wings.

Monday’s one band gig will again be Madigans Church On Monday, beginning at 10:00 PM Sharp. Ellicottville’s “Reverend Jack Darzafasette”, who creates & organizes this All Original Music Happenin that at times will have other local music characters join in. What we know for sure is the music is original, FUN and entertaining and Madigans is where it happens almost every Monday night.

Moving to Wednesday at 8:00 PM, The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their Wednesday Tradition of wonderful sixties through the eighties folk to southern rock acoustic tunes. As we say most every week, this Gin Mill Tradition is one of the best and most FUN music nights in Ellicottville. So stop by The Gin Mill, enjoy some excellent wings and the great music performed by Joe and John.

Our weeks music becomes complete at 8:00 PM Thursday with “The Weekly Notice Band” Whoopin Up The Gin Mill.  This week’s version will be “The FAR OUT Band”. Which is The Freddie And RT Outstanding Band. Therefore, as we always say, Brian or RT or maybe both will join Freddie, making “The Weekly or Moments Notice Band” a Unique and FUN Gin Mill Music Experience this and every Thursday.

C. U. Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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