Several years ago, the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce took on the responsibility of providing and installing the beautiful tree lighting on Washington and Monroe streets.

Since then, the chamber has been experimenting with various types of lights and, unfortunately, they have had their hands full keeping them working. Weather conditions have been the major factor in the failures and the costs of replacements have been mounting.

This year, at additional cost, the chamber has found a lighting system that is much more impervious to our weather cycles and, to date, that has looked great. 

Now, it came down to paying for them.

At the Chamber Board of Directors meeting in November, the board was presented with the invoice for the new lights and labor to remove the old ones that had failed and install new lights on all 50 trees.

Dennis Eshbaugh of Holiday Valley was the first to act and donated a large sum if the chamber could get a match for it. Peter Kreinheder of Ellicottville Brewing Company immediately agreed to match Holiday Valley’s donation, and then Jim Carls of Dina’s joined in with additional funds. Another multi-year donor, Bill Schaab of American DND Inc of Grand Island, and the Chamber donated the balance. 

Please join us in thanking the donors for a project that is so well received and talked about by locals, visitors and so many other communities. The chamber also thanks the DPW crew for providing power to each of the trees. 

Ellicottville is amazing, and as we say, “Doesn’t This Place Feel Great!”