By Ginna Hensel

During the Ellicottville Village Board’s regular meeting Sept. 16, Mayor John Burrell eagerly shared with the board that Ellicottville was one of four municipalities to have completed all of the necessary steps for the County Shared Services.

Due to the expedient and precise actions taken by the town, Ellicottville will now serve as an example for the County Shared Services. Burrell also shared that Ellicottville should see the returns of the $9,000 to $1 million made in investments made in the near future.

Burrell also reported that at a recent WNY Scenic Byway Meeting, Ellicottville was recognized as a site for a possible interpretive sign. The Scenic Byway is looking to fund two signs in WNY.  One will be placed in Ashford, and the other will be placed in Ellicottville. The sign will consist of the history of skiing.

Burell commented that “grandmas, aunts, uncles and spouses that do not ski are always looking for something to do.” He feels that the interpretive sign will help occupy those in the winter and help business pick up a little in Ellicottville.

Ultimately, the WNY Scenic Byway committee is looking to invest $1,000 into; therefore, it will be up to the rest of the community to raise the rest. This topic will be discussed at a further meeting.

In addition, Burrell spoke of an upcoming NITEC meeting at Holiday Valley. The meeting will hold discussions of Fall Fest, the impact of Fall Fest on Ellicottville and the impacts of Fall Fest travel on Western New York.

Burrel and the board also discussed the water budget and few concerns surrounding it. Burrell said, “in three months we have used 40 of our budgeted appropriation for water.” Ellicottville is not running out of water. Rather, the Board is concerned with the cash flow behind it. There is currently an outstanding bill to be paid by a vendor, then the water budget will “be in the green” again.

There was a resolution passed to spend up to $18,000 with the town of Ellicottville to purchase a bucket truck. The village used to own a bucket truck. However, it did not pass inspection and therefore it was sold. The sale brought around $2,000 to the budget.

The village does not have enough money to buy a good, used bucket truck on their own. The town has agreed to find a truck, split the cost, and split the usage of it. The purchase of buying a bucket trump is pending Town Board approval.

The board also discussed an anonymous letter received from the public regarding individual matters. The letter left a warning that “someone is always watching.” The board did not appear concerned by the matter.

Special Events advisor Spencer Murray updated the board on Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend. Murray felt that the weekend went great. There were some parking issues regarding the Catholic Church and owners of the cars being shown, overall the event was a success.

Burrell also commented that it “was a success.” Many families, locals and tourists were in attendance.  Murray also reported that the plans for the Lacrosse Tournament are underway.  The school and Holiday Valley is ready to host the tournament. Since Fall Fest is coming up, Murray also said “we made some good changes last year and we look forward to continue to make good changes.”

Discussions of a joint sidewalk project between the village, town and county also resumed. The idea is to redo sidewalks from Mill Street to McKinley Street. In order to do so, all communities must agree to contribute equally.

Old Business consisted of the reoccurring garbage problem. The problem area is Plum Creek where there are bags of garbage filled with construction waste. These bags have been on the side of the road for three weeks. Castella Waste has very specific guidelines of what will and will not be picked up. The Village Board decided to pick up the garbage and to bill the owners of the trash. Just a reminder to please review your guidelines of trash pick-up.

The last point of discussion was enforcing or changing noise ordinance. Board member Patra Lowes reported that she had been approached by several community members who felt that quiet hours on the weekends, specifically Sunday, were not being observed and may not be appropriate. The current rule is quiet hours are from 1o p.m. to 8 a.m. This will be a continuing discussion at further meetings.