The Ellicottville Fire Department held its annual Installation banquet on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015, following an election of new officers on Dec. 7. The 2016 officers are:

President – Jack Rogan

1st VP – John Golley

2nd VP – Wade Barrett

Secretary – Kris Germain

Treasurer – Jim Golley

Sgt. at Arms – Shane Carlson

Fire Chief – Kevin Morton

1st Asst. Chief – Rob Germain

2nd Asst. Chief – Jim Golley

3rd Asst. Chief – Dan Kryszynski

Fire Captain – Rick Jackson

1st Asst. Fire Captain – John Golley

2nd Asst. Fire Captain – Glenda Jackson

Director, two years – Gene Raecher

Director, two years – Rob Germain

Southwestern Convention Delegate – Dana Worster

County Convention Delegate – John Cady

Fire Police Captain – Dick Bowen

The following EFD members received service awards:

10 Year – Shane Carlson

15 Year – Tony Crowley

25 Year – Debbie Golley, Wade Barrett

During the banquet, it was reported that the EFD responded to 152 calls in 2015.  Nine calls were for fires, 26 were for motor vehicle accidents, six were rescues, 37 were false alarms, seven were for CO2 alarms, 11 were service calls, and 21 were for helicopter landing zone assistance.  In addition, there were 432 ambulance calls last year. The top three responders were Scott Cant (#1), John Burrell (#2) and Kelly Hesse (#3). Also in 2015, the EFD welcomed four new EMTs: Morgan Manfreda, Rob Germain, Callum Watt and Ashley Wilson.

The department reestablished an Explorer Program for youth to encourage teens ages 13-15 to learn about the value of helping others and give back to the community. Purchase of a new fire truck is in the works.

And, the EFD and the town of Mansfield agreed to a new districting agreement, giving the EFD the responsibility for coverage of some bordering areas in Mansfield. Mansfield residents in the new EFD district will pay fire taxes to Ellicottville.

The fire department and ambulance service sincerely appreciate the door prizes that were donated by dozens of local businesses and organizations. Your support is appreciated.