By Adam Silvernail

Student Reporter

Some would say that the clubs, sports and extracurricular activities were the best part of school, and Ellicottville Central certainly isn’t lacking. Among them is the World Language Club.

The club recently held elections to determine who would fill their open positions, and I got a chance to speak with some of the winners, as well as their coach, and ask them a few questions.

I spoke to Jamie Edwards, one of the club’s heads alongside Mrs. Emborsky, regarding what the World Language Club is and what they do.

“The World Language Club is the student activity formerly known as French Club and Spanish Club,” she said.  “We have now joined together, and are hoping to not only carry on previous traditions from the two language clubs from the past but also include some additional activities related to other World Languages and Cultures.”

One example Jamie mentioned is having a group of seventh graders who are meeting weekly at lunchtime to teach themselves some Japanese.

“At our first meeting, we discussed activities that would be specific to French or Spanish,” she continued, “but also ‘International’ celebrations, such as a luncheon or dinner, or a dance with music from around the globe.”

I asked the newly elected co-president, Abby Donoghue, what she was most excited for this year. 

“I’m excited for all the new fundraising ideas that we came up with and all the different activities we’re planning,” she said.

Next, I asked Sammi Lin, the World Language Club’s secretary, about the different fundraisers they were planning.

“We’re going to be selling maroon and white (the school’s colors) Mardi-Gras style fan bead necklaces that’ll be delivered during spirit week,” Sammi said. “We do make some profit from our fundraising, but some of our revenue goes to helping people around the world, like poor Spanish communities.”

“In the past, Spanish Club has raised money for Natural Disaster Relief through a Fiesta fundraiser, and we also raised over $1500 to benefit families and individuals in Nicaragua and Guatemala through the “Pulsera Project,’” Jamie explained.

French Club has done “Crepes for a Cause” and ornament sales to donate to Heifer International, she continued. In an effort to make sure all of the money they earn during these activities can go directly to the organizations we are serving, the club aims to raise some money through fundraising to cover the incidental or start-up costs of running these events, such as supplies, shipping costs and more.

“We are now in the middle of a Spirit Bead fundraiser,” Jamie said. “We thought this would be a fun tie-in to our school pride, as the beads will be delivered to students during Spirit Week. If we do well on the fundraiser, we can also cover incidentals during our full club activities, though there will be other times where student members pay their own way.”

For example, Jamie said if they attend a concert or dinner, students cover the costs of their own experiences, and students will donate food for international potlucks. 

Finally, Elsa Woodarek, the group’s Chairperson of Fun Times, explained what exactly a Chairperson of Fun Times does.

“My job is pretty much a bit of everything,” she said. “There isn’t really anything specific that it does, so I go around and add some pizazz where it’s needed.”

The World Language Club is already off to a great start, and if they do as well as they did in the years prior, they will raise a tremendous amount of money for the people who truly need it around the world.