ELLICOTTVILLE — Mr. Chris Edwards’ Video Production class recently won first place honors in a video safety sponsored by Holiday Valley. The class competed against 105 other school groups for this honor.

The contest was one part of Safety Awareness Month promoted by NSAA (National Ski Areas Association). The groups were presented the challenge of producing a video that centered on their own group emphasizing the “Skier Responsibility Code” and “Smart Style” program. Groups were encouraged to produce videos, which would include the safety aspects of skiing and snowboarding.

The Ellicottville class produced the winning video, meeting the challenge in outstanding form. The video is available for viewing at www.youtube.com/user/HolidayValley/videos, then click on Safety Video 2014 (3 minutes 44 seconds long).

The video has now been presented to NSAA along with the other activities the Guest Services Department engaged in during the January Safety Awareness Month. Holiday Valley is in competition nationally with other ski areas and has won first place in different categories in the past.

Mr. Edwards’ class is being presented with a light breakfast and gift cards valid for one hour at the Climbing Forest in the Sky High Adventure Park.

The group is hopeful the video will be an important part of Guest Services’ submission in the national competition.