By Megan Hartsell

Student Reporter

At Ellicottville Central School, Thanksgiving has always been a well-celebrated holiday, with elementary students decorating the messiest, most beautiful hand turkeys and cornucopias to bring home to their families, everyone mowing down on delicious turkey dinner for lunch by our talented cafeteria staff and, of course, getting into the Christmas spirit a little bit too early. 

The students kicked off the start of another relaxing Thanksgiving break on Tuesday with a half-day, serving the purpose of parent-teacher conferences, and continued through the rest of the holiday week, with students returning for school on Monday, Dec. 2.

With glazed eyes and watering mouths, several students spent the beginning of the school week reminded just how wonderful Thanksgiving truly is. Aside from all the “giving thanks” and sharing with others, students have been found to be most excited about their own family traditions!

Seniors, who are without a doubt most excited and ready for a break, offered their favorite traditions and memories, which carry them through the first part of the school year.  

Brooke Eddy’s family spends her holiday relaxing with her parents and brother.

“We always go to Niagara Falls, Canada, and spend a few nights,” she said. “We go to look at the Christmas lights while we’re there and walk around the falls and eat a nice steak dinner.”

For Brooke, it is never too early to start celebrating Christmas, and Thanksgiving is certainly the greatest kick-off to one of her favorite seasons.

Abby Donoghue, who is an Irish Dancer with Rince Na Tiarna in Buffalo, travels to Philadelphia, Pa., each year for the Mid-Atlantic Region Oireachtas competition.

“It’s the qualifying competition for the World Championships and Nationals,” she explained. “I go every year for Thanksgiving break, and I have to qualify to get there either by being in Championships (or the highest level) or by winning smaller competitions.”

In years past, Abby had unfortunately fractured her hip whilst dancing on stage. However, she is very confident about this year’s competition. 

Nathaniel Ploetz, along with many other students who are Thanksgiving fanatics, look forward to the best part of Thanksgiving: eating some turkey!

While turkey is the most common Thanksgiving food, a classroom poll revealed that turkey is not actually the favorite food of students. Rather, teens look forward to pumpkin and pecan pies, stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce.

Sammi Van Wicklin enjoys “having my family and cousins to my house and playing the board game Risk every year.” Sammi’s large extended family makes Thanksgiving all the more exciting each and every year, which is true for many families.

As for myself, I spend Thanksgiving the best way possible: with all of my extended family, many of whom are more like siblings than cousins. Everyone agrees family is certainly what we are most thankful for. Surrounded by our favorite people and the most delicious food, who wouldn’t be happy?

Now that the collectively second favorite holiday has passed, students have begun the countdown until the greatest break of the school year! Spread the word, there’s less than a month until Christmas!