By Adam Silvernail

Student Reporter

The holidays are here and at Ellicottville Central School, students are getting two whole weeks off of school. This is the longest winter break in recent memory, and ECS students will being taking the time off to do something enjoyable or relaxing.

Here are what some students said their plans for the break are.

Noah Steinbroner: “I don’t know, probably just chill with my family and vibe.”

Caleb Jennings: “Celebrate Christmas with my family and probably just stay home.”

Bryce Butler: “I am going to Florida to play soccer against three different teams (in a tournament) from across the country, the BRYC elite academy, the FC stars and the FC Delco.” 

Leilani Foster: “I plan to eat a lot of food with my family, sneak cheese and crackers to my dogs and swipe some more food when nobody’s looking, then hide in my room with my cousins.” Alex Hunt: “Eat food with my family.”

Jalee Evans: “This year, I will be waking up in the morning with my sister and rummage through our stockings while my mother makes some lovely cinnamon rolls. Then my aunts, uncles, cousins, and other sister’s family will come over and we will have lots of food and presents and music and laughing.”

As for me, I shall wake up earlier in the morning than usual, since I never can sleep very much on Christmas Eve. Then, my family and I will eat a breakfast that consists only of baked goods and crack open the presents under the tree. It gets a little foggier from there, but I’ll probably end up staying home and vibing.

Regardless, I am sure that every student in Ellicottville Central, and probably the entire country, will have a very enjoyable break.

I wish all of you readers Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!