By Adam Silvernail

Student Reporter

For the next month, Ellicottville Central School is going to be closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

All across the world, schools, businesses and even entire countries are shutting down to try and stem the spread of this dangerous disease. Despite its relatively low mortality rate among children and teenagers, the administrators of this school aren’t taking any chances.

I talked to several students about their plans while school is closed.

“I’ll probably work out a bit and work at my job (if they stay open),” Noah Steinbroner responded. “No homework though.” Since I was curious, I asked him what kind of working out he was planning on doing. “Sprinting for track,” he answered. 

Caleb Jennings replied, “Do my homework I guess. I don’t really know.” Since I wanted something a little more concrete than that, I asked him if he had any plans that were disrupted by the Coronavirus. “Not really,” he answered.

Bryce Butler said, “I’m going to try to stay away from people so I have the lowest chance possible of catching the virus.” A wise idea indeed. I then asked him if there was anything he wanted to do at home. “Well, there’ll be a bunch of online school work to do, so there’s that. Anything else, I’ll figure it out as I go,” he replied.

Jalee Evans enthusiastically answered, “Get some cleaning done! And I’ll be making food and baking a lot while doing the inevitable mounds of homework.” Since I wanted to make sure, I asked her what kind of cleaning she was planning on doing. She responded, “Just general sweeping and wiping counters and decluttering the house for my parents while I’m home.”

Due to the Coronavirus, Ellicottville Central is closed for the next month. It seems that many students plan on staying home and doing the homework that results from missing school.

I’m honestly not sure how well this is going to go, but we’ll see next month (maybe). There are ways to protect yourself from this disease, the best of which is to just stay home. I’m not sure when this is going to end, but I’m sure it will. We’ve always made our way past crises, and we always will.