ECS spirit week

Homecoming is a point of pride at any school, and it is no different at ECS. Due to Fall Festival, however, the homecoming dance was moved to the 13th while the homecoming football game and pep rally remained in place. Battling the odds, the junior class courageously split Homecoming festivities between this week and last. Despite a pep assembly in the middle of Spirit Week, they managed to create a cohesive theme while adding never-before-seen activities to ramp up the fun.

Spirit week started on Wednesday, Oct. 3 with Red Carpet Day. Students dressed in gowns and suits fit for the Met Gala. Thursday brought Camouflage Day, with many joking that they just wouldn’t show up to school and blame their “invisibility” on the camo. Friday was Spirit Day to celebrate the homecoming football game. An audience full of maroon participated in Friday’s Pep Assembly.

With the Ellicottville girls’ soccer team assuming the role of Spirit Squad and Homecoming attendants participating in the annual antics, the assembly was a hoot. This week will pick up on Wednesday with Old People Day (dress up like you’re elderly). Thursday will be Class Color day in honor of the Powderpuff Game (girls playing each other in American football), and Friday a perennial favorite: Holiday Day.

“It was a bit challenging getting everything in place for Homecoming Week,” said Megan Hartsell, junior class secretary.  “The first step is getting everyone involved to agree on the decisions being made, which is usually the most difficult part. Once we have a plan, it isn’t hard to execute our ideas since everyone is always so eager to help in any way that they can. Classmates, who may not even like dances or social events, still contributed their time and effort toward setting up for the pep rally, decorating hallways, or advertising the homecoming activities around school. I think this says a lot about our class. And finally, there is absolutely no way that we could bring any of our ideas to life without the help of our class advisors. Mrs. Nason and Mrs. Kilby always come up with new ideas for different activities, and contribute to keeping us organized and productive. It is thanks to them that everything we do as a class is possible.”

Along with Megan, Abby Donoghue (class president), Brooke Eddy (VP), and Madisyn Kilby (secretary) worked with grade levels to decorate hallways and make sure everyone was having a good time. They even put on a bonfire for the high school after the football game, and Ellicottville students old and new joined to make lifelong memories.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, homecoming festivities will end with the highly anticipated dance. This year, the event is held in the gymnasium rather than the cafeteria. To accommodate such a change in locale, the dance has become a “Croc and Sock Hop.” That is, no heels allowed. Many are choosing fun socks to match outfits ties, instead. After a crazy week of Hoco-posals, club pictures and Fall Festival, ECS students are excited to finally relax and celebrate the best that high school has to offer.