By Adam Silvernail

Student Reporter

Thanksgiving this year was Thursday, Nov. 28, and in Ellicottville, students had three-and-a-half days off, with Tuesday being a half-day.

Many students had been looking forward to this break, as they do for every break, and I’m sure the teachers had been too.

For the past month, Thanksgiving themed assignments and projects have been lining the halls in Ellicottville Central. There are multi-colored math turkeys outside the algebra room, Thanksgiving-esque lunches in the cafeteria and don’t even get me started on the elementary wing.

Of course, it’s like this for every holiday. Halloween was of the same effect and Christmas will be even more so. Though, at least these holidays offer excuses to change things up a bit and make things a little more interesting. 

Depending on which classes you were in, Monday and Tuesday were either really chill or really stressful. Teachers typically use these kinds of incredibly short weeks to either load up students with homework and/or tests or take the time to plan the next few weeks while putting some kind of busywork in front of the students.

Or, if they’re lucky, teachers will just throw on a movie or give you a study-hall. I had my share of both of those classes. There was a test in Algebra and an English assignment about college, and in Microcomputer Applications and U.S. History, we were ahead of schedule so we had a study hall.

Several students planned to go other places for the holiday. Both Bryce Cutler and Ryan DeKay said they were going to their grandparents’ houses.

It seems that this is a popular place to have Thanksgiving dinner. It serves as a place of neutral ground if you don’t exactly like your siblings, and if your grandparents’ house is where you used to live when you were a child, the flood of nostalgia will pair well with the tryptophan from all that turkey. 

“I’m going to Great Wolf Lodge over the break,” Bryce Wood said. Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor waterpark/resort. This long break does serve as a chance to take a vacation, as long as you don’t mind eating a Thanksgiving dinner away from home. 

Discussing politics at Thanksgiving is something many families do, and is the case with Bryce Butler.

“It’s usually the part of my family that lives on a farm and the part that lives in the city arguing,” he said. With parts of the family that live in two drastically different areas, arguing about politics is probably pretty hard to avoid.

However, both Ryan DeKay and Bryce Wood said their families don’t discuss politics.

During dinner, everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish. Ryan DeKay’s favorite is mashed potatoes and Bryce Wood said he enjoys the stuffing, but Bryce Butler’s was a bit hard to describe.

“I don’t know the name of it, but it’s like a bunch of cut-up mandarin oranges put in some cream and cooked,” he explained.

Over the Thanksgiving break, people all across America add extra holes in their belts, students relax and prepare for the stretch of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and on Thursday, we all enjoy a nice dinner.