ECS Sports Season Outlook

As ECS students prepare for back to school next week, ECS student athletes are preparing for competition, with several games scheduled this week and next. With rosters finalized and numerous practices under their belts, it’s time to cheer on the Ellicottville Eagles and Franklinville-Ellicottville Titans!

Girls’ Varsity Soccer, Coach Mary Neilon

Season outlook: Versatile players who are more experienced than last season should help us improve our play throughout the season.

Roster includes seniors Evie Cortez, Ices Decker, Kirklind Kaleta, Kourtney Robinson, Cheyanne Folts, Lauren Olejniczak and Sarah Sheffield, juniors Kayleigh Coolidge, Robin Freaney and Becca Smith, sophomores

Camryn Earley, Julianna Giannicchi, Megan Hartsell, Kaitlyn McGuire and Gracie Rounds, and freshmen Morganne Chapman, Hayly Frederickson, and Logan Frederickson.

Boys’ Varsity Soccer, Coach Matt Finn

Season outlook: These Eagles have a lot of individual skills and a high soccer IQ, but our season will depend on how quickly they come together as a team. Our league is brutal, and our non-league consists of two bigger schools, Jamestown and Fredonia. So our record may not be where we would like it to be at the end of the season, but we should be ready to be very competitive when playoffs come around.

Roster includes seniors Mitchell Sexton, Noah Stuve, Elliot Bowen, Parker Rieman, Zach Kurtis and Evan Quinn, juniors Brenna Finn, Ned Hartsell, Logan Knab and Mike McGuire, sophomores Jack Snyder, Simon Lin and Adrian deOrbe, and freshment Noah Steinbroner, Justin Imhoff, Kolby Aldrich and Bryce Butler.

Franklinville-Ellicottville Titans Football,

Head Coach Chad Bartoszek

Offensive roster includes:

Quarterbacks: Brock Blecha, Deric Leiper

Running Backs: Austin Grinols, Griffin Chudy, Jacob Peters , Ben Mooney

Ends/Receivers: Sam Erickson, Deric Leiper, Robert Neuman, Derek Fox, Brendan Chudy, Mitchell Gregory, Jordan Grinols

Guards: Dakota Olson, Jacob Neamon, Gabriel Hauri, Devin Metcalf, Kalib Pierce,Griffin Haley

Tackles: Walter Woodarek, Conner Burrell, Malakhai Holiday,Steven Rowland

Centers: Hunter O’Stricker, Evan Palmatier

On the defensive side:

Ends: Dakota Olson, Sam Erickson, Robert Neuman, Devin Metcalf, Kalib Pierce, Steven Rowland

Down Linemen: Walter Woodarek, Jacob Neamon, Hunter O’Stricker, Conner Burrell, Malakhai Holiday, Jace Frazier,  Chris Ives, Griffin Haley

Linebackers: Ben Mooney, Evan Palmatier, Griffin Chudy, Brock Blecha, Derek Fox

Secondary: Austin Grinols, Deric Leiper, Jacob Peters, Brendan Chudy, Mitchell Gregory

Punter/Kicker: Brock Blecha