Megan Hartsell

Student Reporter

Ellicottville’s prime season is officially underway with the start of the new year, and so is the Ellicottville Central School ski club.

After an unusually long holiday break, many students are eager to get back to school, but only because it means that Thursday nights are about to become much more exciting! 

Ellicottville has always prided itself in such a successful ski club, with much of the student population choosing to take part in such a fun extracurricular program.

Ski club was even around 29 years ago, when Blair Wood started teaching at Ellicottville, and for many years before then. It has since grown immensely in size, with approximately 200 students participating this winter.

“I love the fact that Ski Club gives so many of the students at our school the opportunity to learn a lifelong skill at an early age,” explained Mr. Wood. “They can have fun and improve and stay active during the long winter season.”

Several students also shared their favorite part about skiing or snowboarding, and why it is so important to them. This love for Thursday nights began at a very young age for most club members, who have been participating in snow sports for most of their lives.

Many skiers shared the same thought: freedom! As students and teenagers, there aren’t many opportunities given by parents or teachers to be totally independent. 

As put by Makenna Smith, “You just get to do your own thing, and nothing else matters.” Holiday Valley feels like a different world in a way, where time seems infinite, worries are few and there is nothing to focus on but the slopes and the company. 

Brooke Eddy recently got back into skiing after several years away from the slopes. Her favorite part about Thursday nights is “hanging out with friends, and definitely the Waffle Cabin.” Waffles are, of course, always a crowd-pleaser, and in the greater student body opinion, are the best part of a long day of skiing.

Abbey DeChane, who joined ski club last year, finds humor in “wiping out and laying in the snow for a long time because you don’t feel like getting up.” Her ideal after school activity is heading over to Holiday Valley for hours. She has grown to love the sport, and all that comes with it — falls included!

Sofia Dirito enjoys the speed of skiing, along with many others as well. A common ski activity is racing down the hill, which brings out the competitive side of many students. The last one to the bottom has to buy the winner a waffle!

Some students reminisced of their days in the ski club.

Ainsley Watt, who attended Ellicottville until ninth grade and is now a high school senior in Tennessee, notes that her favorite part of the program is being able to do something fun with friends. In Tennessee, there certainly aren’t ski resorts, which makes her memories and experiences all the more special.

Students are remarkably excited for another winter on the slopes, and of course an endless supply of waffles, quality time with friends and another season of memories!