By Ginna Hensel

Ellicottville is the champions again!

On Feb. 26, Ellicottville Central School welcomed the Girls Ski Alpine Team back home, and with them, the New York State Championship for skiing.

Hayly and Logan Fredrickson, twin sisters and juniors at Ellicottville, were welcomed back first with an announcement made on the morning news by Superintendent Bob Miller.

Miller was proud to welcome the girls home with another state title.

The Fredricksons then walked around the school where students, teachers and faculty members congratulated them. High fives were offered, and cheering could be heard throughout the school.

Both girls proudly displayed “battle scars” from the races.  

The school’s ski alpine team had attended the 2020 NYSPHSAA Skiing Championships over the past weekend, where Logan Fredrickson brought home the gold for the Giant Solum for the second year in a row.

“It is a really great feeling,” she said. “Our hard work definitely paid off.” 

Hayly Fredrickson came home with second place in the Giant Solum.

“It is a little upsetting that the team did not do as well overall, but we always have next year,” she added.  

The Fredricksons are known for revamping the Ellicottville Alpine Ski Team over the past couple of years. Both girls have worked hard to recruit new members, and worked together to bring the team to new heights.