By Louisa Benatovich

Student Reporter

It would be hard to call Ellicottville’s Quiz Bowl Team anything less than an institution. Coached for years by Ann Chamberlain, Quiz Bowl has remained a safe haven for fact-lovers and cafeteria-despisers alike.

Held during lunch in her idyllic classroom, the Quiz Bowl team is a tradition that spans decades. 

“It’s very chill and relaxing, even if you aren’t participating,” said team member Adam Silvernail, a sophomore. “I enjoy the interactions between everybody. It makes me laugh most of the time. Also, Mrs. Chamberlain buys the food and keeps the cabinet stocked.”

Quiz Bowl co-captain Abby Sonnenberg said she loves the sense of community they’ve been able to create under Mrs. Chamberlain’s guidance.

“Especially when I hear people say that it’s the highlight of their day,” she continued. “Because of this club, I think I’ve become more outgoing as a leader and team member. I am more okay with answering incorrectly because I know now that I can do so in a confidant way.”

“My favorite part about Quiz Bowl is the application of random knowledge to competitions that mean something,” said sophomore Alex Hunt. “Mrs. Chamberlain has been an amazing coach and has done a lot to make all of this possible.”

For me, as a Quiz Bowl member since eighth grade, the club represents growth. Strangely enough, I found trivia as an incredible stress release. I learned how to become a team member, get over my mistakes and stay in the moment.

Because of Quiz Bowl, I’ve ventured to Washington, D.C., played the license plate game through Maryland and made lifelong friends. 

On Wed. Feb. 27, the Quiz Bowl family competed in the High School Bowl at Jamestown Community College for the contest’s third round.

Beating Westfield at the Jamestown Campus, the team then had the opportunity to battle Kane. After another victory, the team — comprised of Hunt, Sonnenberg, Silvernail and myself — remained in the winner’s bracket. It was a jubilant ride to Wendy’s that day. 

The High School Bowl, our team’s favorite of the several trivia competitions in the area, is made possible by Dennis Webster, Media One Radio Group personality and High School Bowl organizer.

With Wendy Diamond reading the questions, Webster always makes competitors feel welcome with his fun quips and quick-witted segways. Compiler of questions and master of the radio wave, Dennis broadcasts our competition through the local Jamestown radio station, WJTN.  

Involved with the Quiz Bowl for many years, Webster has truly made this competition the highlight of our competitive careers.

“The ECS Quiz Bowl Team is having a great run so far at the High School Bowl competition at JCC Jamestown,” said Chamberlain, the beloved team advisor. “It is a well-run competition that is fun for all who participate. It’s nice to see this year’s seniors leading their undefeated team after years of working up through the ranks.”

With lofty goals for this season, our team is striving to divide and conquer. With additional members Madisyn Kilby, Bryce Butler, Jonathan Hawkins and Caleb Jennings, the team is able to draw from a huge pool of knowledge.

With spring just around the corner, March is a busy month for all things trivia. Counting down the days until our next competitions on March 23 and 27, we cannot wait to see what this season will bring.