All-students-(1)by Glenn E. Hall (reprinted from ECS website)

The Envirothon is an environmental science competition that emphasizes teamwork, with each participating school sending five-member teams of high school students to the event.

This year’s Ellicottville Envirothon Team #2 placed second in the Cattaraugus County Competition on April 25. The members of this year’s team were Noah Butler, Phillip Kurtis, Zach Logel, Fletcher Macomb and Elizabeth Wellman.

This year’s Ellicottville Envirothon Team #1 also placed in the competition and included Hunter Cooper, Taylor Grinols, Grace Hall, Jesse Pollock and Thomas Schena.

The event is sponsored and presented for the county by Brian Davis with the Cattaraugus County Soil and Water Conservation District. Numerous professionals from DEC, USDA and several private companies have done a remarkable job over the years as organizers of this event.

The teams in this competition test their knowledge of various natural resource-related topics, including wildlife biology, forestry, soil science, aquatics and a current issue topic, which this year was Introduced Species and their Effect on Biodiversity. The teams worked together to complete exams at five different stations that address these subjects.

The teams were required to identify various species of trees, wildlife and fish that are on display and then answer specific questions about their habitat and environmental issues related to those species. They were also asked to test water samples for pH and use soil survey reports to evaluate soils on a given site.

Scores for all five exams are totaled and the team with the highest cumulative score wins the County Competition and advances to the State Competition.

Congratulations to these students for their commitment and efforts.