By Elizabeth Riggs

The Ellicottville High School National Honor Society added nine new members into its society last Sunday in their annual induction ceremony.

This year’s new inductees include: Lisa Krotz, Madison Swalcy, Kirklind Kaleta, Andelain Wilson, Daniel Tupchik, Marissa Hamilton, Kourtney Robinson, Hannah DeChane, and Emily Durandetto.

According to Blair Wood, who has been the Ellicottville National Honor Society Advisor for the past seven years, in order to be inducted into the society students must meet various criteria.

“Juniors and seniors are first selected based on their cumulative average at the end of the second quarter each year. They need to have a 90 percent or greater average to meet the scholarship pillar for NHS, and for the process to begin,” said Wood. “They are then asked to complete some paperwork and receive recommendations to document the remaining pillars—character, leadership, and service.”

From there, a faculty council reviews the presented material and makes a final decision to select new members.

“NHS  recognizes outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellent character, scholarship, leadership, and service,” said Wood. “Our organization serves to celebrate those characteristics and to encourage the students to carry them into their futures, wherever they may lead.”

At ECS, members of the society continue to demonstrate leadership among their peers by hosting

various events at the school throughout the year.

“NHS sponsors Red Cross Blood drives during the school year. We also run a Middle School Dance in the winter,” said Wood. “NHS students are often the go-to individuals when events take place in the school or community require a student presence.”

And according to Wood, there’s plenty to enjoy about working with and advising the NHS students.

“These students are our best and brightest. When something needs to be done, they never hesitate to help, often without having to be asked,” said Wood. “They are fantastic kids, and I love working with them each and every year.”