By Megan Hartsell

Student Reporter

Beginning Monday, Sept. 30, Ellicottville Central School geared up for another annual week of homecoming festivities. 

Spirit week kicked off with America Day. Students adorned in red, white and blue paraded through the hallways, showing off their patriotism and pride in our country. The number of stars and stripes became hypnotic and was an exciting way to commence the fun week ahead.

On Tuesday, students dressed as VSCO teens. VSCO, a popular photo editing app, has become a staple of teenage culture within the past year. These outfits, which are a current internet craze, entail wearing oversized shirts, Birkenstock sandals, scrunchies and, of course, a Hydroflask. Girls were the main partakers in this theme day, and those who participated went all out. If you didn’t hear at least 1 “and I oop” or “sksks” in the hallway, did it even happen?

Wednesday then followed with Dynamic Duo Day. From Phineas and Ferb to Spongebob and Patrick, Milk and Oreos to “Chad, Brad and Thad,” ECS students grouped to represent famous pairs. 

On Thursday, students carried on the years-long tradition of class color day, in which seniors wore black, juniors wore white, sophomore wore blue and freshmen wore red. The hallways equated to a sea of color, with groups of students differentiated by the color of their shirts. 

Hand-in-hand with the theme Thursday was hallway decorating. Seniors took on a more interesting spin on plain black, and instead covered their hallway in dark Halloween decorations, with the label “Spooky Scary Seniors.” As the week progressed, hallways became more vibrant, sheer proof of the spirit within the student body, which is always eager to go above and beyond. 

Finally, spirit week came to a welcome end on Friday with Spirit Day. Of course, the entirety of the Middle and High Schools participated, with student athletes wearing their uniforms, others wearing school apparel and all exhibiting cheeks spotted with maroon and white dabs of face paint.

Students especially looked forward to the Pep Rally on Friday, since it, of course, allowed them a slightly altered schedule in which classes were shortened. The pep rally began with an exciting performance by ECS Spirit Squad, which is composed mostly of the girls’ varsity soccer team. Only their second year as a performance team, the girls went all out and riled up the crowd in preparation for the events to come. 

Hysterical laughter erupted from the audience of students as homecoming attendants competed in silly games and obstacle courses to prove that the seniors are, in fact, the best class. Speakers during the rally highly encouraged students to attend the football game to follow that night, and adults urged the safety of students before, during and after the Homecoming dance on Saturday. 

In every classroom, corner and hall of the school, students could be found this week laughing and having fun, taking pictures and creating memories to last for the rest of life thereafter. School spirit, while sometimes overlooked by some, brings joy and excitement to an otherwise monotonous place of learning and is utterly crucial to the sanity of students, especially after the difficult transition from summer vacation to fall.

This year’s Homecoming spirit week was certainly one for the books. As seniors experience their last week of joyful homecoming mayhem, underclassmen are already eager for the exciting years to come.