By Caitlin Croft

The July 31 meeting of the Ellicottville Central School Board opened with a motion to adopt the agenda with two changes; there was a second and ayes carried.

Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Robert Miller advised he has recently attended training at the BOCES administrator retreat. To Miller, the largest takeaway was discussion on the book Unselfie by Michele Borba. It is a book about how kids that are succeeding in this day are empathetic and kind. Miller found very interesting the idea of trying to get kids to disconnect and realized there is a world out there that isn’t digital. Miller has also been hard at work with a few new processes and procedures. A few new documents have been created to allow for better file sharing between necessary parties. These include Non-Resident Student Applications and Duties Sheet. He hopes that this will allow for real time information available immediately and aid in the onboarding of the new Elementary School Principal. This has been large in part to Erich Ploetz, HS/MS Principal, who has been working closely with Miller.

Miller has put an emphasis on getting all staff, from teachers and admin to bus drivers and cleaners, trained on administering Narcan, the nasal spray that can reverse the effects of an overdose. He wants to be prepared, so if it were to happen, all staff are properly trained. Miller has been in contact with the county and they will provide the training and supplies the school needs.

HS/MS Principal’s Report: Erich Ploetz spoke about the online schooling that took place this summer. There has been more to properly running the programs such as ensuring students are actually doing the work. On Aug.14, there will be in-person testing on the summer online materials. Ploetz feels this will be a good gauge to see if the students are retaining the information and if this is an effective means of education for ECS students.

Discussion Items, NYS School Board Association Convention: There is interest from a few board members to atten;  Robert Van Wicklin will be in attendance and get to preside over a class.

New Business: The District and Board Committees were set.

• Athletics: Deb Golley, Robert Van Wicklin.

• Health and Safety: Deb Golley, Robert Van Wicklin.

• Technology: Bill Murphy, Carl Calarco.

• Strategic Planning: Niki Klein, Connie Hellwig.

• Audit: Bill Murphy, Niki Klein.

• Buildings, Grounds and Transportation: Carl Calarco, Len Zlockie.

• Negotiations: Carl Calarco, Len Zlockie.

• Budget: Bill Murphy, Deb Golley.

• NYSSBA: Robert Van Wicklin.

• ACASB: Connie Hellwig.

Personnel: Therese Pierce will start in the position of P/T Special Education Teacher starting Sept. 1, 2018. Karl Schwartz will serve as the Athletic Director for the 2018-2019 school year. Kristin Brady and Michelle Miller resigned as Teacher Aide effective July 26, 2018. John Ireland will continue to work in the Maintenance Department for the remainder of the Summer. Michael Trummer will start tentatively on Aug. 13 as the full-time cleaner.

Policy: There was discussion on changes to the Meal Charge and Prohibition against Meal Shaming and School Food Service Program. These changes included training on how to talk to students when their meal monies run out and how to better notify parents when this is going to run out.

There was a brief break for an Executive Session to discuss two personnel items. There was a motion to adjourn the meeting; a second and ayes carried.