By Jann Wiswall

While the vote approving the Capital Project was top of mind during the ECS board meeting on Tuesday, March 19, the board did hold an abbreviated regular meeting during which it was announced that a new district treasurer had been appointed.

Former school board member Aimee Kilby, CPA, has been hired to fill the vacant position beginning April 1. She will be working with interim District Treasurer Joe Mahar over the next few weeks to get up to speed on processes and procedures. Kilby resigned her seat on the school board at the last meeting in order to be able to take the full-time position.

Kilby, who has worked with Cattaraugus County since 2001, currently serves as senior accountant with the County Treasurer’s Office. She has served on the ECS Board of Education since July 2012.

Reached after the board meeting, Kilby said she has enjoyed her time with the county and has “gained a great deal of knowledge from everyone I have worked with.” She added that her experience with the county is a “great asset that will help me prepare for the next chapter of my career as district treasurer for Ellicottville Central Schools.”

Mahar, who served as district manager and district clerk for the Olean School District for 27 years and has been on temporary contract with ECS since January, agrees that Kilby “is highly qualified” for the position.

“We are very fortunate to have her on the team,” he adds.

In other business, the board approved a request from ECS high school student Grace Hall for permission to cabin-camp at Allegany State Park on the night before the Cattaraugus County Envirothon competition there.

Envirothon is the largest high school environmental education competition, where teams of five students work together in hopes of winning scholarships and awards. The teams compete in several environmental categories (i.e., soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry and wildlife), as well as a current environmental issue. Students will compete for the county title; winners go on to compete at the state and, potentially, national levels.

Hall explained that staying at the park on the night before the competition will allow the school’s two teams to practice their oral presentations in an appropriate setting. ECS District Superintendent Mark Ward noted that chaperoned overnight camping has been a tradition for Envirothon teams over the years and that it has been a successful activity for all involved.

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