By Louisa Benatovich

Student Reporter

The May 7 Board of Education meeting got off to a slow and relaxed start in the Ellicottville High School library. With no special presentations, Superintendent Bob Miller was yielded the floor. 

According to his report, testing for the Emergency Capital Project tiling is soon set to proceed. Still transitioning from the flooding that occurred earlier in the year, these examinations will determine out how many rooms to tackle at one time. Thankfully, the tile installation will not provide too much disruption to classes. 

Several colors and patterns were discussed at the meeting, with grey and maroon being the clear choice. Floor patterns have yet to be decided.  

In a bit of additional news, interviews for open positions are continually underway. A list of candidates and job recipients will be available in the next meeting’s write-up.

Several safety precautions have been revisited and discussed. Some suggestions include panic buttons for the school playground, a working loudspeaker in each room, noticeable flashing lights for fire drill, and vape detection.

With the residual aid from its Smart Schools grant, ECS applied to get more Smart Touch classroom boards, as well as a new server for video surveillance. On the subject of NYS tests, opt-out numbers are up at ECS, but still remain low compared to other districts.

Erich Ploetz’s High School Principal’s Report was short and sweet.

“It’s the middle of banquet season,” Ploetz commenced, listing the upcoming events. The preceding week, on May 1, the school’s National Honor Society chapter had attended the countywide banquet.

“It was a pleasure to be there,” said Ploetz. “It was great to hear Ellicottville Central announced again and again.” ECS scholarship winners included Meganne Chapman for the Outstanding NHS Member Award, Abigail Sonnenberg for the Service Award, Louisa Benatovich for the Scholastic Excellence and Betty Pappas Awards and Ginna Hensel for the NHS National Semi-Finalist Scholarship.

Final exam and graduation planning are underway, and ECS is in full swing for wrapping up the school year, Ploetz said.

Elementary Principal Maren Bush detailed the exciting guests that the elementary had the privilege of hosting over the past few weeks. Alongside that, the mother-son dance was quite a success, though the time is considered being shortened. The elementary also celebrated a spirit week with a crazy hair day, school color day, and an ever-popular pajama day. 

Amy Kilby, the school business executive, detailed the long range financial plan being created by the school’s new financial advisor. This is something the school has never had before and will be done  by the end of the month.

The plan will outline what the school budgets, expenses, debt, anticipated costs and reserved income. It will help plan into the future, as ECS is in desperate need to build up our reserves.

The school’s interim audit occurred in late April. There were no concerns.

Also of note, long-time ECS transportation director Dave Pelton is retiring from the district.