Park 6Each year the Ellicottville Central Schools Engineering Design/Robotics class designs and builds a final engineering project to display at the Annual Science, Math, and Technology Exposition. This year’s Exposition will be held on Tuesday, May 21 from 6–8 p.m. This year high school students in the Robotics class joined forces with the Transportation Systems class to create a miniature, fully functioning amusement park.

The Transportation Systems class designed, built, and programmed the park’s transportation systems. The park features an automated parking lot, a remote control monorail, a gondola to travel through the mountains to the other end of the park, an automated transit system that travels between the rides, a ferry ride on the perimeter of the park, and a safari adventure.

The Engineering Design/Robotics class was responsible for designing, building and programming the park’s attractions. Using the Tetrix Robotics kits, each group was given an area of the park to create their own amusement park framework and rides. Attractions include a pirate ship, Ferris wheel, UFO, cliff drop, mega swing, and the tower of terror.

Each ride and transportation system is programmed and controlled using Lab View robotic programming software. The park can be programmed and controlled through the four computers set up in the park command center and features two remote control cameras that allow the students to monitor the park from the park command center. One camera is mounted on the front of the monorail. The other is suspended above the park on a wire that allows the automated camera to traverse back and forth across the park.

The amusement park will be set up in the Tech Room for the next month as elementary students are given the opportunity to see and  learn how Science, Math, & Technology come together to affect our lives.

The Technology Education program at ECS continues to grow and as new technologies emerge, the curriculum changes to reflect today’s world. The technology jobs of tomorrow have not even been created yet. The goal is to prepare the students with the ability to learn, critically evaluate, and apply new concepts that come their way.

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