Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce is organizing its second Restaurant Week, Monday, Nov. 2 – Sunday, Nov. 8.

“The idea behind Olean Restaurant Week is to highlight the abundance of diverse dining options we have in our area. We want people to try new restaurants and new food!” stated Meme Yanetsko, GOACC Chief Operating Officer.

Any restaurant within the Olean area is eligible to participate.  The participating restaurants will need to offer ONE three-course prix fixe* dinner menu for $20.15 that must be offered the entire week.  If restaurants are only opened for lunch, a lunch option will be suitable.

“Fourteen restaurants participated in our first Restaurant Week in February.  We were pleased with the participation!” stated, Meme K. Yanetsko, Chief Operating Officer.  “Comments from the participating restaurants: We sold out of our dinner special! Great idea.  We also promoted the specials online and in-house.  We did pretty good — lunch crowd was exceptional.  Many people tried our special that wouldn’t have tried it as a regular menu item.  We would love to do this restaurant week twice or thrice a year!  The table tent cards you provided help promote the specials to our customers,” added Mrs. Yanetsko.

As a minimum, each participating restaurant MUST offer a specially discounted three-item (or more) dinner menu at $20.15. This should be a deal that customers cannot regularly enjoy. Beverages are not required, but may be added to incentivize the deal.

In addition to the meal above, a restaurant can promote a special lunch option. The $10.15 lunch special must include a two-item (or more) meal. Lunch specials are not required, but are highly recommended.  Also dining features priced at $30.15 or $40.15 may also be used, if needed, in addition to the one required at $20.15.  Lunch and/or dinner for two for $20.15, $30.15, and/or $40.15 can be popular.

For more information, please call the Chamber 372-4433 or email